Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Infographic: 14 Bizarre Ingredients Hidden in Your Food Labels

I often get contacted with random emails asking to insert content into the blog.  Some of it is useful and other times, it is completely bizarre and I have no interest in presenting it.

Recently, I was contacted about a topic that I find interesting, especially since I so often mock ingredients on the labels of the products that I review for this blog.  The infographic below from FoodPackagingLabels.net points out some of the bizarre things that you can find in food products and some of them are borderline terrifying.  I often told myself that I never wanted to work in the food service industry because I didn't want to know what went on behind the curtain, so to speak, because it would ruin the experience for me.  Even though I knew a lot of these already, this infographic has helped me come to the conclusion that I never want to work in the food manufacturing business either.  Ugh.

Either way, enjoy (or be repulsed) by these tidbits of information after the jump!  For the record, the only one that truly makes me queasy is #1.

14 Bizarre Ingredients Hidden in Your Food Labels


  1. Replies
    1. Sort of, but not really. Rodent hair is going to be in anything, whether intentional or not. Just a by-product of huge facilities mass producing foods. That's why it's not a huge issue to me.


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