Monday, August 17, 2015

Review: Quaker Chewy Girl Scouts Caramel Coconut Granola Bars

I hate paying full price for Quaker Chewy bars and I' m guessing that every time I've bought a Chewy bar for a review on this blog, I only bought it when it was on sale.  Actually, that's probably not accurate now that I think about it because every now and then, they'll sneak out a flavor into the wild that totally shocks me.  They've done that twice recently with a couple of products that are Girl Scouts branded and today is the first of those reviews as I take a look at this box of eight Quaker Chewy Girl Scouts Caramel Coconut Bars that I picked up at Meijer for the regular price of $2.59.  Each of the eight bars in this box are 0.84 ounces and come in at 100 calories with a...actually, I'm not going to talk about the protein here because it really isn't worth it.

I don't think I've ever seen a more descriptive box than that of this one.  Not only is there a picture of the bar itself (more of a representation), but to the right of the bar, they have samples of each of the ingredients. Yep, there's caramel, coconut and chocolate.  Now, those of us that are familiar with Girl Scouts cookies know that this flavor mix is what is typically known as a Samoa.  Not sure why Quaker abandoned that name...perhaps they felt it was too ethnically charged in today's world.  Who knows.  Anyway, the representation on the box doesn't quite look like the bar in what I got above as those chocolate swirls on top of the bar look sad and depressed compared to the versions on the box.  Still, everything else was there and this bar definitely smelled of caramel and coconut.  As you can see, there are chunks of caramel within that standard Quaker Chewy granola mix as well, so all promised ingredients seem to be present and accounted for.  That is a good thing.

In terms of flavor, this was pretty much a Samoa cookie (sorry for using the shorthand there and just calling it by what it is) mixed with Quaker's standard chewy granola.  Nice, strong coconut flavor and rich caramel flavor mixed with melting chocolate.  This really was delicious and the only surprise to me was how potent the coconut was.  I'm loving me some coconut these days, so I was more than okay with that strong flavor and it didn't ruin the experience for me at all.  Not much else to say here.  Just think Samoa cookie and think Quaker Chewy granola and you've thought of this cookie.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If you are a coconut teetotaler, this might not be for you.  If you are a Samoa cookie fan like I am (or just a fan of all cookies like I am), this is a nice way to mix it up.  I give this a firm BUY IT rating and all I've got left is me wondering how long these are going to be on shelves because they seem like a limited run type of thing.  In that instance, you are going to want to get out there soon to grab a box just in case they go away.


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