Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream Organic Live Food Bar

This blog is often about the continuing education of the Crazy Food Dude.  Today's review is one of those educational moments because when I saw the name of this product, I had NO CLUE what the heck it could mean.  So, a simple Google search provided me a little background on this Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream Organic Live Food Bar that will add to my smallish Raw Revolution review series.  What I learned is that spirulina is a dietary supplement that can come in many forms.  In the case of this bar, it comes in powder form and adds protein and other nutrients.  The bar itself is also gluten free, kosher, organic (obviously) and vegan.  It clocks in at 1.8 ounces and 230 calories with seven grams of protein.

Since I had no idea what spirulina was prior to looking it up (which came after me opening the wrapper), I was completely shocked by the fact that this had green coloring.  After doing my research, I learned why.  Regardless, within the green coloring was a bar that was primarily a date puree that had a mix of both large almonds and large cashews.  There was also a mix of sunflower seed kernels and flax, but that was more in the puree and not really as visible as the actual nuts.  There was no real smell to this bar, but it was extremely sticky and pliable.

Being that this bar was so pliable, it should come as no surprise that it was so soft and chewy.  That softness and chewiness was then broken up by the presence of the large nuts through which not only broke up the texture, but also brought some nutty flavor.  That nutty flavor was primarily salty cashew, so that worked well with the sweet date flavor that permeated the bulk of the bar.  The spirulina flower brought what I would assume was a vegetable-like flavor (think spinach), but it wasn't particularly powerful and only really noticeable if I closed my eyes and concentrated.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Everything about this bar was weird.  The color, the name, the components, etc.  Still, that weirdness had enough flavor that I'm going to give this a BUY IT rating.  It certainly wasn't a dream as the name implied, but if you like cashews and can get past the bizarre visual appearance of this bar, you may just like it.  I did.


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