Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Millican Pecan Company Four Chocolate Gift Tin

I mentioned previously that I got some opportunities to review some free products from (follow their Twitter @choctweets if you like!) and today's review subject is another one of those opportunities.  Today's product comes via and the Millican Pecan Company, which is based in San Saba, Texas, which reminds me of something funny.  Throughout life, I've come across two pronunciations of the word pecan.  For people in Texas, I believe it is pronounced "PEE-can."  For me and a lot of others, it is pronounced "PUH-con."  I don't know why I find that funny, but I am the type that is easily amused.  Anyway, I received this Millican Pecan Company Four Chocolate Gift Tin recently and it was wrapped up in perhaps the most protective covering of all time.  It was insulated to prevent melting (I appreciate that considering melting has been an issue here before) and it was also padded to prevent the tin denting.  All I know is that it was wrapped up so securely that it took me nearly five minutes to get to the tin.  I found that amusing.  Anyway, the entire tin itself is sixteen ounces and is available from for $16.00 plus shipping and handling.  There's not any nutrition information posted, which is actually probably a good thing.  I don't want to know how many calories I'll be ingesting as I destroy this.

I'll start out with Millican's product description and then roll out from there:  "The best selling chocolate pecan flavors all combined into one gift tin. With the combination of Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Chocolate Amaretto, and Chocolate Toffee, it is perfect for that chocolate lover!" If you look at the tin above, two of the chocolates are pretty easy to figure out.  The white chocolate and the toffee pecans (actually, I cheated on the toffee ones...I saw a picture on the Millican website).  Since you probably didn't cheat, the chocolate toffee pecans are the ones that are dusted in white confectioner's sugar.  The other two are the milk chocolate and the amaretto, which are a bit harder to decipher since they look basically the same (that's the Milk Chocolate in the bottom left and the Chocolate Amaretto in the bottom right).

In terms of the flavor, it's probably easier to break this into bullet points for each individual flavor to make it easier to follow.

  • Milk Chocolate:  pretty much what you'd expect.  A crunchy pecan covered in decadent milk chocolate, which melts quickly and easily.  The chocolate is rich and has a strong hint of sweetness, without being to overly sweet.  Outside of that, this is just basic stuff.
  • White Chocolate:  kind of the same story as the milk chocolate pecans, with the exception that it is white chocolate.  The white chocolate is a hint sweeter and doesn't have as much bitterness.  Melting quickly and providing crunch from the pecan, this was a tasty option.
  • Chocolate Toffee:  perhaps the most interesting in terms of its construction.  Starts with a base of a pecan and that pecan is then covered in hardened toffee.  The pecan/toffee shell is then encased in milk chocolate for a nice multi-layer treat.  The pecans bring solid crunch with nutty flavor and the toffee adds a brittle crunch to that, in addition to the buttery sweet flavor of the toffee.  It almost gets to be a bit too rich, but then the chocolate tames it a bit.  The confectioner's sugar then adds another hint of sweetness, so this one was definitely not lacking in decadence or sweetness at all.  If that's your thing (it's mine), you'll love this one.  If you aren't a toffee person (a lot of people find it too rich/sweet), you may not be fond of this.
  • Chocolate Amaretto:  these are pretty much the same as the milk chocolate ones with a hint of extra sweetness and almond nuttiness coming from the amaretto and even a bit of cherry-ish flavor as well.  That flavor wasn't particularly strong, but it was enough to differentiate these from the milk chocolate ones.  Other than that, this was pretty much the same experience as the milk chocolate ones, as I mentioned previously.  

Buy It or Fly By It?  I found every single treat in this tin to be a delight, so it gets a BUY IT rating (especially when it's free!).  Being that I'm a major sweets addict, the toffee ones were my favorite, but all of them were quite good.  Sweetness, crunchiness, decadence...these had it all.  If you want to but a gift for someone or perhaps just yourself, I'd recommend these because I personally think the price at is a very fair price for something of this size and that is this tasty.


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