Friday, June 12, 2015

Review: Klondike Cookie Dough Swirl Ice Cream Bars

I've developed a fascination with Klondike bars recently and while I've reviewed them sporadically on the blog in the past, I'd never really fully adopted them until recently.  Now, I can't get enough of them and anytime they go on sale at the store, I snatch up a package.  During a recent sale event at Kroger, I saw they had packages of six of them on sale for $2.00 AND that there was a new flavor with this package of Klondike Cookie Dough Swirl Ice Cream Bars that I was able to pick up.  Each bar is 3.3 fluid ounces (99 grams) and comes in at a fairly robust 300 calories.

If you look just at the first picture of these, there aren't a lot of hints on how this is going to look, which is good.  I like the mystery.  Anyway, this bar was the typical Klondike square shape and the exterior of the bar was a brittle chocolate shell.  Within that chocolate shell was the typical vanilla ice cream and within that ice cream were swirls of cookie dough, thus the name.  The cookie dough swirls clearly had ground up cookies in them as there were tiny bits of grainy chocolate chip cookie and also tiny bits of chocolate chips.  That was quite nice being that I have also re-kindled my lifelong addiction to chocolate chip cookies recently.  The addiction is out of control, so anything remotely resembling a chocolate chip cookie automatically raises my interest level.

Biting into this, the chocolate shell and vanilla ice cream were about what I expected (nice chocolate and vanilla flavor with some "snap" from the brittle shell) with one slight difference.  The ice cream itself was extremely soft and creamy, which is not what typically happens with one of these Klondike bars (at least for me).  It wasn't because it warmed up either because I started eating this (and others) as soon as I took it out of the freezer.  As for the star attraction, the cookie dough swirl was gooey, sweet and tasted exactly like I'd expect cookie dough to taste.  It was a perfect compliment to the vanilla ice cream and the chocolate shell.  My only complaint, while extremely minimal, is that I wish there had been more cookie dough swirl.  Actually, that's not really a complaint...just a desire for more gluttony.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Anyway, these were delicious and definitely get a BUY IT rating.  What's funny/sad is that these immediately move to the top of the purchase rotation when Klondike bars go on sale from now on.  I cannot and probably will not ever get enough of these.


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