Thursday, May 21, 2015

Review: Yoplait Original Cookies 'n Cream Yogurt

Freebies will do funny things, especially free food freebies.  I've often been the victim of Kroger's Free Friday Download on this blog and I even get hit by Meijer occasionally as well.  For the first time, I got hit my Marsh and that's what ended up in today's review adding to my Yoplait review catalog as I grabbed this six ounce container of the new flavor Yoplait Original Cookies 'n Cream Yogurt out of the Marsh dairy case.  It's low fat and it clocked in with 170 calories and five grams of protein.

Not that I expected there to be, but there wasn't a lot to look at in this cup of yogurt.  Granted, there was a good spread of dusted chocolate cookie pieces, so it did truly look like cookies and cream.  The yogurt, while still having the typical tangy smell, also did have a slight hint of cream smell to it.  Being that was a named flavor, I'd consider that a good thing.  Also, since this was from the Original line of yogurts, it was a bit thicker than some of the light yogurts, but again, that should be expected.

First spoonful provided an initial hit of typical yogurt tang, but it wasn't particularly powerful.  After that initial tang subsided, then the cream flavor came in.  It pretty closely resembled the flavor of the filling of the typical cookies and cream cookie, so that was quite nice.  As for the cookie flavoring, there was a hint of chocolate cookie flavor on top of the on top of the yogurt cream, but it wasn't strong.  It was more of a small aftertaste.  That was fine because based on the presentation and only the small dusting bits of cookie, I wasn't expecting a lot of cookie flavor and those expectations were met.

Buy It or Fly By It?  A pretty plain and honest flavor, but one that I found to be appealing, so I'll give this a BUY IT rating.  It's more of a decadent type of flavor since it is dessert based, so it doesn't quite fit in line with the typical fruit based yogurts.  Either way, it's one that I enjoyed and if you see it in your store and want something somewhat decadent, this is a good choice and a solid performer.


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