Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Review: Go Raw Real Live Apricot Bar

Who doesn't like to Go Raw from time to time?  I mean, nothing feels better than having a cool breeze on the ol' bare skin.  I'm just going to stop there before this turns into a late night Cinemax movie.  Plus, I don't want to scare away any readers.  Anyway, as part of my many time aforementioned Fresh Thyme trip, I picked up this Go Raw Real Live Apricot Bar for $0.99 to add to the growing Go Raw product review collection.  Like the last bar, this one clocks in at a measly 0.46 ounces and also packs a tiny 50 calories with one gram of protein.  It's all natural, gluten free, nut free, organic and wheat free as well.  Long story's RAW and REAL.

There's not a ton to look at here, mostly because this bar is so tiny.  Within that tiny package (not trying to go the Cinemax route again, I promise), there's a mix of flax seeds and then those seeds are buried with an in a puree of apricots and raisins.  That puree makes this bar very sticky, although the bar itself doesn't really smell like anything.  It was actually really tough to tear this part too, kind of like beef jerky.  I found that to be particularly strange.

As I bit into this...let me I used my front incisors to tear this away from the bar like beef jerky, I was completely stunned.  This was really difficult to chew and really difficult to consume.  Once I finally got it torn away and started chewy, there wasn't a ton of flavor here.  It had the texture of jerky with the graininess of flax seeds thrown in.  In terms of flavor, there really wasn't any. I guess there was a slight hint of sweetness from the apricots and raisins in the end of each chew (I definitely can't call them bites), but it was barely there.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Ultimately, this bar was just a way to exercise your jaw because it had no flavor and no real edible quality.  If I wanted to exercise my jaw, I'd just talk more instead of spending $0.99 on a product that makes my jaw tired and costs me money.  For that reason, this easily gets a FLY BY IT rating.  As you can tell, I was less than impressed by this one.


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