Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough Ice Cream

In my last couple ice cream posts, I've tried to convince myself that I've been trying to be healthier recently and avoid buying ice cream.  In this post, I'm not even going to try and I'll just admit that I've fallen off the wagon and have buying ice cream again.  Part of it is because summer is approaching and the warmer weather makes me want to eat frozen treats, but another part of it is that I've dropped a bit too much weight and I need to put a couple pounds back on.  With that, I picked up this pint of Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough Ice Cream to add to my illustrious review catalog.  I picked this one up on sale at Kroger for $2.99 and each pint has the typical four half-cup servings at a robust 310 calories per serving.  Yikes.  It's a treat, I guess.

One more thing before I get into the irritates me that this is the second ice cream flavor that Ben & Jerry's has done with Jimmy Fallon.  He was okay on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update, but outside of that, I find him particularly annoying.  I know he's supposedly doing a decent job with The Tonight Show from what I've heard, but I think his playing games with guests is just plain stupid.  Also, The Tonight Show is stupid and has been since Johnny Carson left.  I'm a David Letterman guy (he goes out this week and I'm going to miss him) and hate Jay Leno, so ever since that shift, I've hated The Tonight Show.  Okay, that's a diatribe that this blog didn't need, but I'm taking a little editorial freedom here.  Anyway, now that my whining and rambling is over, let's dive into the review!

I'll let Ben & Jerry's describe this because they typically do so much better than I do:  "Caramel & Chocolate Ice Creams with Chocolate Cookie Swirls & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough."  So there it is and if you look at my photo above, the swirls of all that stuff are tightly compacted into this pint in plentiful amounts, which is of course a Ben & Jerry's trademark.  The only thing, for me, that was a bit confusing were the gobs of cookie doughs because I couldn't really tell that much of a difference (visually) between the two.  One thing that kind of upset me and does with Ben & Jerry's ice creams from time to time is that this ice cream got to be rock hard when frozen.  I understand something frozen is going to be somewhat firm, but a lot of ice creams still say somewhat soft.  There was nothing soft about this and I had to dig and/or leave the pint out at room temperature for a bit.  That makes me sad because when I go to the freezer, I want ice cream and I want it now!

Taking the first spoonful, I went for the ice creams first and I was hit with a burst of both chocolate and caramel.  The chocolate overpowered the caramel and quite honestly, I thought the caramel was vanilla at first (I didn't read the label).  That's how tame the caramel flavored ice cream was.  That said, it was still quite good and it balanced out what was a very rich chocolate ice cream.  Adding into that chocolate richness were the chocolate cookie swirls which not only packed more chocolate flavor into here, but also added a bit of crunch and graininess to each spoonful that included them.  As for the cookie dough pieces, their texture was quite soft and chewy, which was nice.  The flavors between the two were difficult to distinguish, at least for me.  I guess the chocolate chip ones were a bit sweeter and the peanut butter ones were a bit richer, but they were both so close that I really struggled with everything.  Probably because my tongue and taste buds were frozen due to the coldness of the ice cream.  Regardless, this entire package was a combination of richness, sweetness, denseness and all in all decadence.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If you have a massive sweet tooth or sweet craving, this one is right up your alley.  I love my sweets and I get those cravings, so I enjoyed this one and give it a BUY IT rating.  It wouldn't always be my first choice because it is so sweet and rich, but it is definitely a pint that I would be glad to have in my freezer, even if that DOPE Jimmy Fallon is on the packaging.



  1. This is by far my favorite kind of Ben &jerrys ice cream. I love everything about it except for the peanut butter dough. It doesn't taste anything like peanut butter. It honestly doesn't taste much like anything. But other than that it's so good!

  2. I love this flavor!!! When I go grocery shopping I usually get a pint just to have whenever I'm in the mood for ice cream. My least favorite part about this particular flavor is the peanut butter dough. It doesn't at all taste like peanut butter and it doesn't really have a flavor period. It's very bland. But overall I'd give the product a 9/10


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