Friday, May 1, 2015

Review: Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cups

I generally don't buy a lot of Atkins products because they are more expensive than I typically like.  That said, I have reviewed many of their product here on the blog before and in general, have had pretty positive experiences.  Recently, I was at my mom's house and I was going through her cabinets scavenging for food like I always do (I'm a good son) and I came across a box of Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cups.  Being that this was her house and I knew I wouldn't have to pay for them (free is my favorite price!), I quickly grabbed a pack of these and that leads me to today's review.  Each pack is 1.2 ounces and has two peanut butter cups.  Combined, the total caloric weight is 160 calories with two grams of protein.  The Atkins Diet does not like sugar or carbs, so these only have a combined two grams of carbs and have zero sugar, so that's nice.

The box (which I don't have a picture of) and wrapper (above) let you in on the secret of what these are going to look like and unsurprisingly, they look like a typical peanut butter cup.  I will say that the circumference of these seemed to be smaller than the Reese's variety, but I could be wrong.  I'm not going to spend a lot of time describing these because quite frankly, there's not a lot to describe since these are so much like every other peanut butter cup you've ever seen.  So, moving on...

Obviously the next step in any review is to take a bite and check out the flavor.  In the case of these cups, they tasted just like I'd expect...peanut butter cups.  I will say that the chocolate and peanut butter in these was not as sweet as the Reese's variety, but that is okay.  Also, the peanut butter in these was slightly smoother than the Reese's variety, which I find to be more of a gritty peanut butter.  Oddly, these were also a bit more crunchy, if that makes sense.  Reese's peanut butter cups pretty much melt in your mouth (even after refrigeration, which is what I did with these).  I actually had to chew these, so that was different.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I'm always hesitant to give final decisions in Atkins review because of the aforementioned high prices of their products, but I'll stay away from that here and just give a final decision based on flavor.  Based on flavor alone, these get a BUY IT rating because they tasted just like I'd expect a peanut butter cup to taste, despite the fact that these are a diet food.  That's a win in my book, so if you are willing to fork over the cash and are in need of a sweet treat, these are definitely a good option.


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