Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review: BumbleBar Amazing Almond Organic Energy Bar

Another day, another Fresh Thyme raid and ANOTHER new product.  All of these things are good for the blog, I think.  Today's review focuses on something that I find particularly amazing.  A bar that carries a bee on the logo, yet doesn't have honey in the ingredients even though bees are particularly known for honey.  Does that seem odd to you?  It does to me.  Anyway, this BumbleBar Amazing Almond Organic Energy Bar cost me $1.89 at the aforementioned Fresh Thyme and it is 1.4 ounces with 210 calories and seven grams of protein.  It's also gluten free and organic.

When I took the wrapper off this bar, I DID NOT expect it to be covered in sesame seeds with flax seeds also included.  That was genuinely shocking to me.  The rest of the bar  was scattered with small almonds.  Also in the bar, but not visible, was cinnamon and sea salt.  The bar really only smelled of nuttiness, but it was faint and not particularly noticeable or discernible.  Outside of the overabundance of seeds, I can't really think of anything other to say about this bar.  I guess I could say it was a weird rectangular shape in that it's surface area was huge, but it's depth was very small (thin).

Biting into this, it's texture reminded me of a rice cake in that it was airy and sort of like Styrofoam.  Not exactly an appealing introduction, right?  Anyway, it was also quite grainy, which should be expected based on the absurd amount of seeds and also the little chunks of almonds spread throughout.  In terms of the flavor of those two, they had that nutty/roasted taste, but it wasn't particularly powerful.  There was also a tiny, tiny hint of vanilla in there and that was punctuated at the very end of each bite with a little hit of cinnamon spice.  Again, neither of those were particularly potent either.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This bar lacked flavor, reminded me of Styrofoam and had a seemingly non-nonsensical name since it did not include honey, yet was named after a bee.  All of those are a recipe for a FLY BY IT rating for me and that's what I'm giving it.  I was truly disappointed in this one because I had some positive hopes for it prior to opening up the wrapper.  Once I tore that open, it was all downhill and this tasted too much like a rice cake and those are not particularly good or cool.


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