Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: Mediterra Yogurt & Oat Bar with Cherry & Pistachio

Fresh Thyme strikes again!  It's another new product from my first trip to the store itself.  In that trip, I picked up a very interesting, Mediterranean inspired product when I grabbed this Mediterra Yogurt & Oat Bar with Cherry & Pistachio off the shelf for $1.99.  The bar itself is 1.6 ounces and packs in 180 calories and seven grams of protein.  It's also all natural and gluten free, so there are some clear benefits to this one.  I wish one of the benefits would be that when eating this bar, I would automatically be transported to a beach (preferably nude) somewhere in the Mediterranean.  Probably not going to happen though, unfortunately.  Instead, I'll just have to settle for testing out this bar.

I can honestly say that I was a bit surprised when I opened this up.  Clearly yogurt is a prominent part of the actual name of this product, but I was still slightly taken aback when I opened this up and saw the yogurt coating on the bottom of the bar.  I don't know why I was, but hey, sometimes I'm kind of stupid.  Anyway, that yogurt coating was on a bar that was made primarily of an oat mix bound together by honey that had a variety of things packed within it including the named pistachios, the named cherries (dried, of course), figs, raisins and sunflower seeds.  When I really thought about it, I noticed that they were packing quite a bit of business into this modestly-sized bar.  The bar also smelled of a semi-bizarre mix of sweet cherry and salty/nutty pistachio.  The sweet and salty components somehow were competing for that smell and it ended up making something unique.

Biting into this, it was unsurprisingly chewy due to the fact that it was a bar that is primarily made of oats.  Within that oat mix was some crunchiness from the pistachios, some graininess from the sunflower seeds and some more chewiness from the figs, raisins and dried cherries.  All in all, it was a solid mix of textures, so I'll commend them for that.  What also helped was that the yogurt brought a bit of melting moisture to this bar that helped soften up the oats and make them a bit easier to chew since oats typically dry things out.  In terms of flavor, this was mostly oat based with late alternating hits of sweetness and some saltiness.  It was more sweetness from the figs, raisins and cherries, but the saltiness did hit at the very, very end and once I made it through about half of the bar, that saltiness started to dry my mouth out a touch.  The yogurt coating had an almost vanilla like flavor, so that fresh flavor brought yet another component to the bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This bar brought a lot to the table.  It had a variety of texture elements and also a variety of flavor elements.  All of them were welcome and made for quite a tasty bar that I'll happily give a BUY IT rating.  I still wish I was on a beautiful Mediterranean beach, but since I know that's not going to happen any time soon, I'll just stick with eating these bars and just imagine that I'm in a beautiful, warm place.  I'd recommend that you do the same.


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