Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review: Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! Black Cherry Greek Yogurt

Every now and then there's a product in the aisles that makes me go "hmm" and today's review is one of those products.  Yoplait, which has been touched on many, many times here on the blog, has decided to extend their one hundred calorie Greek yogurt line into a new territory by modeling the Greek yogurts after fluffy mousses.  Seems like a strange combination for me, but I do appreciate the creativity because at least to me, it seems like quite a unique idea.  So, as I was intrigued by this unique idea, I grabbed a cup of this Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! Black Cherry Greek Yogurt out of the refrigerator case at Kroger as part of their Free Friday Download promotion.  The cup of Greek yogurt itself is 4.0 ounces and unsurprisingly has 100 calories.  It's also got nine grams of protein and has no fat.

As you can see above, there really only is one key takeaway from how this cup of Greek yogurt is presented:  the Greek yogurt itself is fluffy, light and airy, just like a mousse.  It obviously has that pinkish color to denote the black cherry flavor, as I'd expect and it does have a nice mild smell of black cherry, also like I'd expect.  There are also some tiny, tiny shards of cherry in there, but they are barely noticeable.  But, those aren't what a person is really looking for here.  Modeled after mousse, this should look like mousse and as I've already said, it does do that.  There's not much else to touch on here, so let's move on to the taste.

The flavor is kind of like the appearance, in some respects.  I knew this would taste mildly sweet like black cherry flavored Greek yogurt and it did.  The only thing that moderately surprised me, but not all that much, was that this was lacking the tang of a typical Greek yogurt.  Outside of that, it was pretty standard stuff.  The real thing that I was curious about and I think everyone should be is the texture and I have to say that it was very different eating a yogurt in mousse form, it actually was pretty solid.  Definitely light and airy, I think it worked well.  Like I said, the flavor here was a given so it all came down that texture.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Definitely light and airy, I think it worked well.  Like I said, the flavor here was a given so it all came down that texture and the texture was enough of a winner for me to give this a BUY IT rating.  So, if you interested in trying out a fruity, low calorie treat, I think that you'll find this one to be a winner.



  1. It did lack the tang of greek yogurt and that is what I like about this. I enjoy this new Whips and would purchase again.

  2. I hate all greek yogurt that I've tried until this one!

  3. The Greek 100 Whips is Delicious. But you have to stir it first and it is as close to Mousse as it gets

  4. Best yogurt I've had


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