Monday, December 8, 2014

Review: Green Giant Original Baked Sweet Potato Fries

I typically try to stay away from "portable" snacks because I have a really bad habit of devouring them at record paces.  That means that I TRY to stay away from Chex Mix, Doritos and also Green Giant snack products.  As this blog has shown in prior reviews though, I still end up buying these Green Giant products from time-to-time, despite my best intentions.  It's a failure of those efforts that lead me to pick up a bag of these Green Giant Original Baked Sweet Potato Fries on sale at Kroger for $0.99 and each bag is 4.6 ounces   Each serving in the bag is roughly one ounce, which basically equates to 28 fries, and carries 130 calories.  Basically, they aren't totally unhealthy, but eating a lot of them is probably not going to do you (or I) any favors.

As I often say, the mystery of the big product reveal in this section is often ruined by the product manufacturer since they put images of the product on the packaging.  Green Giant did that in the case of these sweet potato fries and although they ruined for me, I can happily report that the fries did look like the packaging.  Winner, winner!  As for their composition, they were somewhat coarse from the various seasonings sprinkled on them and they were quite light and airy.  The smelled like sweet potatoes and had what smelled like a hint of cinnamon to me, although cinnamon was definitely not an ingredient.  To paraphrase the Geto Boys, my mind must have been playing tricks on me.

Biting into these provided an initial crunch and then it broke up into something chewy, which isn't at all surprising since the primary component of these is cornmeal.  They did tend to get a bit dry as I chewed them, but that was okay.  In terms of flavor, the sweet potato component was definitely there and it provide some minimal sweetness.  Not enough to make these overly sweet, but enough to let me know that these were definitely intended to taste like sweet potatoes.  I only wish the flavor had been more potent.  There's not really much else to say here, unfortunately.  These were pretty basic.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Even though these were pretty basic, their flavor was still fine and that earns these a BUY IT rating.  I will say that while these are fine to eat alone if you are only going to eat a few of them, they do need a dipping sauce of some sort if you are going to eat more than a few.  In my case (I devoured half of the bag per sitting, of course), I used some ketchup as a dipping sauce and it worked just fine to add a bit more moisture to break up the dryness and also added a bit more flavor.  If you have some sort of cinnamon like dipping sauce (like White Castle has with their sweet potato fries), I'd imagine these would be even better.


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