Friday, November 14, 2014

Review: The GFB Gluten Free Bar Cranberry Toasted Almond Bar

Last time I looked at one of these Gluten Free Bars, I picked it up on clearance at Meijer so I figured it was a one-time only review since they wouldn't be carrying them anymore.  Well, I was wrong.  Not only are they still carrying them, but they've also added more flavors and seeing that, I picked up a couple for reviews.  Today's review if the first of that purchase as I take a look at this The GFB Gluten Free Bar Cranberry Toasted Almond Bar that I was able to grab for $1.49.  It's 2.05 ounces and comes in with 225 calories and twelve grams of protein.  It's gluten free (DUH, or as the wrapper says OBVIOUSLY) and also soy free, dairy free AND vegan.

I took this out of the wrapper and it immediately stuck to my fingers as it was quite sticky (and also soft).  Not an issue, just an observation.  Anyway, the bar itself was primarily a date puree with a mix of dried cranberries and bits of toasted almonds.  It smelled of cranberries, so from an visual and aromatic perspective, it delivered.  Not a whole lot to observe other than that, so I'll just jump right into the flavor.

The first thing I noticed after I took a bite of this soft and chewy bar was an immediate sweet and tangy taste of cranberries that was also helped by the addition of the date puree that primarily formed the basis of the bar.  Those bits of almonds spread throughout also added the occasional grainy crunch too, so there were definitely some texture differences in here, which made it nice to eat.  What was interesting was that this bar also had a nut butter type of flavor, which I would assume to be an almond butter since that is one of the primary ingredients.  It played well off of the sweet and tangy flavor profile as it brought some saltiness and nuttiness to the mix.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I was less than impressed by my first GFB bar, so I didn't have high expectations coming to this.  In the end though, I can happily report that my expectations were blown away by this bar and it was absolutely fantastic and clearly gets a BUY IT rating.  Sweetness and nuttiness all wrapped into one.  That's one of my favorite mixes and this bar played right into that, providing me with an experience that made me sad when I finished the bar because I was wishing there was more.  So, if you see this in the store, don't hesitate to grab it because I think you'll have a pleasant eating experience as well.


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