Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: Gatorade G-Series Recover Chocolate Caramel Whey Protein Bar

If you read my last Gatorade G-Series Recover bar review, it means you are probably crazy.  Ha.  No, it means that you know the backstory of how I found a couple of new flavors in an "enemy" store (one that I don't visit often) and today's review is the second and final review of the bars that I was able to find.  Like last time, I picked up this Gatorade G-Series Recover Chocolate Caramel Whey Protein Bar at Marsh for $1.99.  It clocks in at 2.8 ounces and being that it is such a large bar, it packs in 340 calories and twenty grams of protein.

As always, the wrapper kinds of ruins the surprise of this one as this looked exactly like the wrapper portrayed.  A crisp based topped by a layer of caramel which I will point out was very sticky and also very tough to break/bend like a very tough taffy.  That kind of frightened me.  The entire bar was then covered in a thick layer of chocolate and that's really all this had going.  This smelled just like caramel with no chocolate smell out of the wrapper too, so it was quite obvious that caramel would be playing the starring role here.

I took my first bite of this and two observations immediately came to mind.  First, this bar was not nearly as easy to eat as the other G-Series bars because it was very tough and took a lot of jaw work to chew, especially the caramel portion because of its tough taffy-like consistency.  The second observation was that there was A LOT of caramel flavor in this.  It really overpowered everything in this bar and while it was sweet, it was almost bitter in how sweet it was.  Once the chocolate melted in my mouth and coated that caramel, it kind of tamed that caramel flavor, but it never really brought any flavor of its own because of how potent the caramel flavor was.  What was kind of disappointing about this bar was that the interior portion of the bar (the crisp) essentially had no flavor, which was a change from the other G-Series bars where the interior did have some flavor.  All in all, this bar was just a lot of caramel.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I'm thinking that not all of these bars are tough to chew since I haven't had that experience with other G-Series bars, so I'll discount that in my final determination.  What I will say that is this was a lot of caramel and because I enjoy caramel, I'll give it a BUY IT rating.  Of the three G-Series bars I've looked at, this one was definitely in third on the flavor scale by far. That said, it was still decent enough and if you are looking for something with a lot of sweet caramel flavor after a tough athletic outing, this is definitely a solid option.


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  1. The flavor reminds me of how I remember 100 grand bars tasting, but maybe a little less rich in caramel or density. The large amount of crisp kind of lightens it in comparison, but the flavor is very similar. Since that's one of my favorite candy bars this gets my vote for best of the series. Granted I haven't tried the chocolate chip, and I don't care much for mint or cookie cream flavors. Is the chocolate more rich on the chip bar than this one?


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