Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review: Dannon Oikos Chocolate On Top Raspberry Truffle Greek Yogurt

I will admit that while I eat a lot of sweets (more than I'd like), I don't spend a lot of time eating the finer sweets like truffles, macaroons, etc. even though I do enjoy most of them.  With that, I found it particularly interesting when I was perusing the dairy case at my local Kroger that I spotted a single serving cup of Greek yogurt that was patterning itself after one of those finer sweets with is 5.3 ounce serving of Dannon Oikos Chocolate On Top Raspberry Truffle Greek Yogurt.  Immediately intrigued, I snapped up this Dannon review subject on sale for $1.00 and within the seemingly decadent "healthy" treat were 210 calories and ten grams of protein.

For a product with "Chocolate On Top", this unsurprisingly had a layer of runny chocolate on top.  For comparison purposes, I would say that its consistency was similar to the Hershey's chocolate syrup that you can buy at the store to put on top of your ice cream.  Also like the syrup, it had a strong chocolate smell.  Beneath that layer of what I'm going to call syrup from now on was the raspberry Greek yogurt and it had moderate consistency and smelled just like you'd expect a raspberry yogurt to smell.  The only real surprise is that it didn't have that "Greek" smell to it like the majority of Greek yogurts have. I guess the chocolate and raspberry smells overpowered that, which is nice I suppose.

For my first spoonful, I went straight for the syrup and I'm going to hit on the Hershey's comparison again because that's what it tasted like.  Sweet and rich chocolate that had an added bonus of a raspberry-flavored twinge to it.  That was nice and unexpected and quite honestly, I could have just eaten this syrup and been more than content.  But, there was more to this and I went to the raspberry Greek yogurt next and it tasted just like I would have expected it to taste...sweet and tart.  Nothing to outstanding about it, but it was more than sufficient.  Lastly, I mixed the two together and I've got to give Dannon A LOT of credit here.  This really did taste like a fruity and decadent raspberry truffle.  Much like my last Oikos review, I found this so delicious that I wanted to lick out the container at the end so that I did't miss any.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Like I said last time, if something is so good that it makes you want to lick out the container, then it's probably a pretty good guess that it's going to get a BUY IT rating.  Dannon has knocked it out of the park with these last two Oikos products with syrup toppings that I've looked at and I'm excited that I've got one more in my refrigerator.  If you see this in the store and love truffles (or any sweets), you will want to grab this treat and while eating it, you can happily convince yourself you are eating something "healthy" despite the fact that this tastes exactly like a dessert.



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