Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Review: Edy's (Dreyer's) Outshine Strawberry Fruit Bars

If you read the blog regularly, one of the quirky (or perhaps intelligent) things that I do is buy things in bulk and buy multiple versions of the same product in the same shopping trip.  I rarely spread things out through multiple purchases.  I guess it's just the bargain hunter in me (which might make the practice intelligent).  Anyway, in my last Edy's review, I took a look at a product that I picked up in the same binge run as when I picked up this box of six Edy's Outshine Strawberry Fruit Bars.  Each 2.7 fluid ounce bar in this box comes in at a calorie-friendly (and fat free) 70 calories.

I mentioned in my last Outshine review that Edy's didn't get too fancy with designing wrappers for these bars as they are just a clear plastic covering.  Frankly, that amuses me because a lot of companies seemingly spend quite a bit of time putting effort into making pretty wrappers for inside the box.  Edy's / Dreyer's just doesn't care and throws these into clear plastic.  I just love that.  Anyway, the box proudly declares that these are made with real strawberries and as you can see from the photo above, there are bits of strawberries spread throughout the strawberry juice base of the bar.  Once I got it out of the wrapper, I was met with a fine and enjoyable smell of strawberry, so that was nice too.

Before I bit into this, I was silently hoping that this would be comparable to the Fruttare version of these bars where despite the fact that it was just made with fruit juice and fruit bits, it somehow had a bit of softness and "creaminess" to it.  Unfortunately, these Edy's bars did not have that and leaned more toward the icy side that these frozen ice bars tend to lean.  In terms of its flavor, it had a mildly sweet flavor of strawberry that was quite enjoyable.  One thing that I will say was particularly neat and original about this is that as I ate this (I didn't notice it upon my initial examination), I found that there were more than just small bits of strawberries in here.  There were actually some large chunks!  I've never seen that before and that added a bit of uniqueness (and fun) to these bars.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I know this was a simple review of what should seemingly be a simple product, but as I've mentioned previously, sometimes judging how well a simple product is delivered is the best gauge of how well all products will be delivered.  In the case of these bars, they delivered well (the strawberry chunks were fun), although I would have liked it had they been a bit less icy and a bit "creamier" like the Fruttare bars of the same ilk.  Even with that somewhat negative comment, I'll still give these a BUY IT rating, although I will say that if the Fruttare version is roughly the same price as these at your store, I'd go with the Fruttare version.


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