Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: Slow Food For Fast Lives Indian Bar

Regular readers of the blog may have noticed that I'm not posting as frequently anymore.  This is due to the fact that my real life has led me to take another job and I haven't had as much time to dedicate to the blog and have even had thoughts about walking away entirely.  But, those thoughts have not come to fruition because of a few reasons.  First, I kind of like the income that I derive from the blog and I'd probably miss that nice little "bonus" that I get each month.  Second, I sometimes get contacted by readers that have nothing but the nicest things to say (Hi Tracey P.!) and I always appreciate that and those kind words keep me chugging along.  Third, I also sometimes receive offers of new (and free!) products to try out and as a guy that loves free stuff, as I've mentioned countless times before, I love getting those opportunities.  It's one of those opportunities that leads me to the source of today's review as I take a look at this Slow Food For Fast Lives Indian Bar.  This bar is 1.4 ounces, has 180 calories, five grams of protein and is also, all natural, gluten free and vegan.

I'd describe this on my own (and also the concept behind the company) and basically start off by taking the easy way out and saying this looks like a KIND bar, but I think this product description from the website does so much better of a job than I could ever hope to do (and it's much easier to copy and paste than it is to type, so this is an even easier way out):  "Our Indian Bar brings a taste of equanimity anytime anywhere in our hectic lives.  The subtle combination of cauliflower, cashews and brown rice embraced by sweetness of tomato, mango and coconut, grounds us in the here and now. The aroma of curry spices heightens the senses. INDIAN BAR is also a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants, and immune boosters to nourish the body as well as the spirit. A pause to taste, to savor the moment, a spell of being present, not tense as we travel along the busy path of our insanely fast lives."  I can definitely attest that that smell of cumin was definitely present as soon as I opened this bar and as a person that appreciates cumin, I very much enjoyed that aroma.  Also, as you can see from my photo, all the ingredients mentioned (plus several more) were present in this bar in ample amounts, so when I matched up the description with what I saw, I would say that they both were in harmony with each other (Like that subtle play on the Hindu religion, which focuses on harmony and is appropriate considering this is an Indian bar and that is a prevalent religion in India?  Yeah, I'm a brilliant writer.).

Biting into this provided an interesting mix of chewy and crunchy textures.  The whole package of the bar itself was chewy from the inclusion of dried mangoes, but the plethora of cashews made it crunchy.  In terms of flavor, the cumin and chili powder (and other Indian spices) definitely made their presence known.  It wasn't overly potent and spicy like I was expecting when I first opened this, but there was definitely some moderate heat coming out of this bar and I found that to be particularly delightful.  I think what probably stopped this from becoming overwhelming heat was the presences of the aforementioned mangoes and also the presence of some coconut shards in the mix.  While present on the wrapper and thus a main flavor, I couldn't taste the cauliflower in this bar, but I kind of expected that since cauliflower is typically such a weak flavor.  One thing I will say though is that while it was not overly salty, this was salty and just spicy enough that you'll want to have a cool refreshment nearby while eating this.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This was an Indian bar and it did a fantastic job of conveying everything I like about Indian food, so it gets a BUY IT rating.  It had a variety of flavors, a variety of textures and just enough heat that it made you recognize that it was there, but it didn't ruin the experience.  I also appreciated the fact that they were so liberal with the nuts in this because as a professed crunchy junkie (many times over), I always love the inclusion of crunch in ANY food.  This was a more than solid introduction for Slow Food For Fast Lives on this blog and I'm looking forward to now looking at some of the other samples that they sent along to me, despite the seemingly odd combination of flavors that their bars possess.



  1. Thanks for the mention, but I'm sure I speak for all of your loyal readers who really love your blog and hope you keep up the terrific work - regardless of posting frequency. This has been a truly outstanding review blog for almost three years and I keep coming back because your reviews are so well-written, interesting, engaging, and have a touch of humor that makes them so much fun to read. And you do a great job of staying up-to-date on the newest products while introducing lesser-known brands. This blog is just fantastic and your loyal readers will respect your need to earn a living and just enjoy as much as you can comfortably post! Please keep it up!

  2. My goodness! I hope you don't stop altogether. I read your blog everyday while on my lunch break from teaching high school students. Your blog really helps me because I eat a lot of energy bars and cannot afford to waste money. Thank you!
    Maybe you could write shorter reviews, so then it wouldn't take as long out of your workday. Regardless, thanks!

  3. I'm someone who can eat nearly anything, but I took one bite of this today and I just about gagged. I love Indian food but I had many of the same issues I'd had with the Moroccan bar, plus a strong cauliflower note that put me over the edge. That said, my wife was fine with it, so YMMV.


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