Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review: thinkThin Cookies & Creme High Protein Bar

I mentioned in a previous review that thinkThin bars have started popping up in other stores other than Kroger where I initially found them, so they are clearly expanding their footprint and that's good for them.  It was once again at Marsh where I was part of that expanding footprint and was able to pick up this thinkThin Cookies & Creme High Protein Bar for $1.79.  It came in at a fairly robust 2.1 ounces (it is a HIGH protein bar after all) and within that was 230 calories and twenty grams of protein packed into a natural and gluten free bar.

I will admit that once I took this out of the wrapper, I was utterly shocked.  I expected this bar to be like the cookies on the front of the wrapper where the exterior represented the chocolate cookie in the interior represented the creme filling.  Instead, this bar was the exact opposite as the exterior was the creme portion and the interior was the chocolate cookie portion.  Also within the interior was the standard soy crisps and some actual bits of chocolate cookie pieces.  According to the ingredient list, there was also some peanuts in here, but I'm guessing those were ground up to be part of the base of the bar which had an almost brownie-like composition.  What was kind of disappointing about this entire package was the creme exterior almost had a manufactured and metallic smell to it and as someone that was about to actually eat the bar, I can say that smell wasn't particularly appealing to me.

When I bit into this bar, the texture was quite chewy with the occasional graininess coming from the soy crisps and cookie pieces.  The creme exterior than had that melting quality as I'd expect and made this one kind of creamy (get the play on words there?).  In terms of flavor, I can't say I really detected a lot of it.  Sure, the interior of the bar had some chocolate flavor, but it was mostly flat.  The exterior of the bar was sweet (sort of), but it really had no discernible flavor like the interior of an OREO cookie would, for example.  Basically, this bar had next-to-nothing in terms of flavor and really only had a chewy and melting mouthfeel going for it.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I won't go so far as to say that this was a bad bar, but it missed so much on providing any flavor that it ended up being catastrophically boring.  The texture was fine, but with the total lack of flavor, all I could think about was how disappointed I was and I was wishing that it actually tasted like the classic cookies and creme flavor combination.  That disappointment leads me to give this a FLY BY IT rating.  Perhaps it was just the particular bar that I had, but perhaps it wasn't and I'm not really willing to try another one to find out.


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