Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review: Van's Natural Foods PB&J Strawberry and Peanut Butter Sandwich Bars

I've been on a hot streak with free samples recently and today's review continues that as a representative of Van's Natural Foods reached out to me and graciously sent me a box full of free samples.  As I was unpacking the box, I pulled this box of Van's Natural Foods PB&J Strawberry and Peanut Butter Sandwich Bars out of the box first and after seeing the name, I was like "uhh...YES!"  Anything that resembles the romantic sandwich of my youth automatically gets an instant review (much to my delight, there was another PB&J product in the box too, so that one will be forthcoming).  Anyway, this box consisted of five bars and each bar is 1.4 ounces and 160 calories and three grams of protein.  As you can see on the box, these are made with real peanut butter as well, so YUMMY!

Looking at this from a visual perspective, it looks like any other sandwich bar that you might find the world, albeit slightly thinner.  It had the standard cereal bar exterior and the strawberry jam interior that was mixed with peanut butter, just like the namesake sandwich.  It smelled just like the sandwich too, so everything from a presentation perspective on this bar was very encouraging.

The taste was very encouraging as well.  It had a nice and mild peanut butter flavor mixed with a sweet and mild strawberry flavor.  The outer cereal bar portion of the bar had the taste of a piece of wheat bread and since I prefer my PB&J sandwiches with wheat bread anyway for some reason, that was definitely right up my alley.  The bar was quite chewy as well, although if I had one minimal criticism, it would be that this was slightly dry.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This was very accurate and very tasty approximation of the namesake sandwich that I very much enjoyed, thus a BUY IT rating.  I'm not sure what these cost in the store, but if you are looking for natural foods, this would be an outstanding and flavorful option for you to pick up.  Good start for Van's here on the blog and now I'm anxious to dive the rest of the way in!


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  1. It looks nothing like the picture on the box, but looks very good since I love PB&J sandwiches. I wish this was sold in the UK, in fact pretty much everything you review isn't sold in the UK. Britain is too obsessed with chocolate bars to be a profitable market for nutrition bars.


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