Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip Nibblers Cookies

Mall icon Mrs. Fields has decided to enter into the grocery store product foray and as part of that entrance, they were kind enough to send me boxes of their new flavors along with some special promotional packaging, which really amused me and naturally was too stupid to take a photograph of before ripping it up and throwing it into the garbage.  The packaging revolved around the milk and cookies motif and included a small glass bottle for milk and red and white checkerboard napkins.  From a presentation perspective, I've got to give them credit for creativity.  Anyway, for my first review, I figured it would only be fitting to review one of the most classic cookies that there is with this review of a box of Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip Nibblers Cookies.  Each box contains fifteen cookies wrapped in a foil wrapper and being that these are called Nibblers, they are bite-sized, fudge dipped and also soft-baked.

As you can see, there's two different ways to look at this.  If you look only at the bottom of the cookie, you'll see the milk chocolate fudge coating which gave out great chocolate smell.  If you look at the top of the cookie, you'll see the soft-baked cookie (it was very soft) that is mixed with a solid amount of semisweet chocolate chips.  In terms of the cookie itself, it carried that delightful smell of brown sugar and vanilla and presentation alone gives these the appearance of being delightful.

It wasn't just the appearance that was delightful here as the taste was that way as well.  These soft-baked cookies were definitely that and they felt apart in my mouth.  What made them particularly fun is that the chocolate coating and chocolate chips just melted in the warmth of my mouth to add a decadence and richness to the already sweet brown sugar and vanilla mix.  All of this was very sweet, but that's why people each chocolate chip cookies, right?

Buy It or Fly By It?  The cookie part of this was a chocolate chip cookie in its truest and most delicious form and the chocolate just made this even more decadent and delicious, so it gets a hearty BUY IT rating.  My only complaint about these is that since they were small and bite-sized, I ate four or five at a time before I was able to push myself away and put the package back in my cupboard.  Not that I'm surprised since Mrs. Fields has been rocking it out in malls and through mail orders for years, but this was a exceptionally strong entrance into the grocery store product market.


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