Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Raw Revolution Almond Butter Cup Bar

I took a look at a Raw Revolution bar on the blog a while ago and since I don't see these in my regular stores, I haven't touched back on one since.  I was in a Whole Foods recently and saw a steady supply of these, so I grabbed several different flavors and today's review is my first look at those flavors with this review of the Raw Revolution Almond Butter Cup Bar that I picked up for $1.50.  The bar itself is 1.8 ounces with 230 calories and six grams of protein.  It's dairy free, gluten free, kosher, organic and vegan.

When I took this bar out of the wrapper, this was not at all what I expected.  What I got was a bar that looked moderately like a Larabar in that it was sticky, soft and doughy and also made up of the date paste.  It then had a mixing of ground up almonds and dark chocolate almond butter cups throughout that date paste mix.  Not only was I surprised by that appearance, I was also surprised by how big the dark chocolate almond butter cups actually were.  They were decently-sized cubes and while there were not a lot of them, their size made up for their scarcity.  In terms of smell, this really didn't smell like much of anything, so it was time to move on after those observations.

My first bite provided some textures that I would have expected like the bar being soft and chewy and the ground up almonds adding graininess to the entire package.  When I did encounter the somewhat sparse almond butter cups, they provided some pop and crunch and then quickly melted in my mouth to provide some lingering decadence and chocolate flavor, albeit not sweet chocolate flavor since it was dark chocolate.  The only real sweetness from this bar came from the dates that made up the bulk of the bar and while the did have some sweetness, it was very minimal at that.

Buy It or Fly By It?  All in all, this was not a great bar, but it was one that was appealing and appetizing enough to me that I will provide it with a BUY IT rating.  It could have been better (could have used more sweetness), but it was a decent tasting snack to work my way though and I think it would be the same for you if you saw this in your local store and decided to pick one up.  Now, if I could just figure out what they mean when they have "Live" on the wrapper...



  1. This link (below) explains a little more about what the "live" means on this bar's label:

  2. IE, have you had any of the RiseBar Protein bars? Quest - CCCD, CnC, or WCR? Or the Ratio PBC bar? Would be curious on your thoughts on them if you haven't picked them up yet.

    1. I have had several of them and enjoyed them. If you want to see my thoughts on all the stuff I've tried, you can access the reviews in the Product Manufacturers "cloud" on the right hand side of the blog and then click on the manufacturer that you are interested in to see those reviews.

    2. Looked, didn't see any of those bars reviewed, though other bars from those brands. But as I understand it, the Quest bars are quite a bit different/better now, and the Rise Protein is probably different from their other lines.

    3. I mis-read your comment. I didn't realize Rise had a protein bar now since I haven't seen them. Interesting. I'll have to keep an eye out!


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