Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt

I run hot and cold with cheesecake.  Sometimes it sounds like the most delicious thing in the world to me, but other times I'd rather have a hot poker stuck in my eye.  I'm developing a relationship with Greek yogurt where I always like it though, so mixing today's review of this single serving cup of Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt caught me on a day where cheesecake sounding appealing to me.  This review adds to huge Dannon review catalog and the 5.3 ounce cup itself set me back a whole $1.00 at Meijer.  As it proudly states on the container, this is 80 calories and only twelve grams of protein.

Opening this up, you can see there is not a lot to look at here.  It's a semi-creamy Greek yogurt with a pinkish hue.  It's only semi-creamy because this is Light & Fit.  If this were real Greek yogurt, I'd assume it would be thicker.  In terms of the smell, which was the only other thing to observe, there was a mild smell of strawberry and the Greek yogurt itself smelled almost cheesy, which is good considering that this technically was supposed to be emulating a cheesecake.

In terms of the flavor, it was about what I could have asked for.  Mildly sweet strawberry flavor that had a bite at the end of each spoonful that almost gave the indication that these were "fresh."  The yogurt itself lent that "cheesy" flavor that I already described as a result of the smell, so being that this was supposed to emulate a strawberry cheesecake, it would make complete sense.  The semi-creaminess of the Greek yogurt also worked quite well too since it kind of emulated the fluffiness of a cheesecake.

Buy It or Fly By It?  All in all, this was a very solid reproduction of the dessert treat in a healthy form.  It certainly is not the best thing I've ever eaten, but it was very tasty and if I'm in the mood for eating cheesecake without all the guilt of eating cheesecake, I'd give this a BUY IT rating as a very viable alternative.  I just wish that Dannon had somehow been able to incorporate the graham cracker crust component into this because it would have made it that much more fun.


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  1. The issue with Dannon Light & Fit is the deceiving 5.3 oz container, purporting to be of benefit to the consumer. Consumer is being duped.
    It's not for the benefit of the consumer to have more room for toppings! It's for the benefit of the company🤔


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