Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Ben & Jerry's Ron Burgundy's Scotchy Scotch Scotch Ice Cream

I will be the first to admit that I enjoy movies that are really stupid (in a funny way) and the Anchorman movies definitely fit that bill.  As part of the publicity of Anchorman 2 coming out in the past several months, Ben & Jerry's released a limited batch flavor called Ben & Jerry's Ron Burgundy's Scotchy Scotch Scotch Ice Cream that is clearly based on the little ditty sung by Ron Burgundy in the first Anchorman movie.  I picked up this pint to add to my Ben & Jerry's review archive for $2.49 in a killer sale at Kroger and each half-cup serving in this pint clocks in at 280 calories.  I've come to become a lover of butterscotch later in life, so I was very curious to see how this one would turn out in the end despite the fact that I'm a little late to the party in getting to review this one, but that's not entirely my fault.  I love living in Indiana (this past winter notwithstanding), but one of the drawbacks of living here is that it sometimes takes a while for products to make their way to our local stores.  This flavor is one of those products as I've been looking for this for the past few months but FINALLY saw it pop up on a visit this past weekend.

It's been a while since I've done a Ben & Jerry's review, but as is custom with their reviews, I'll let them do the honors of describing how this is constructed from their website:  "Butterscotch Ice Cream with Butterscotch Swirls."  Pretty technical description, eh?  Good thing I let Ben & Jerry's describe it.  LOL.  Anyway, what was interesting about this one is that some of the swirls stayed in soft, gel-like form while other parts of the swirl hardened and almost turned into a hardened candy form.  I eat at least a couple of butterscotch candies a day, so to say that excited me, would be an understatement.  As for the rest of the pint, it definitely smelled like butterscotch, so much like the name of this product, I knew I would not be shorted on the butterscotch portion of this going in.

For my first spoonful, I took just a bit of the butterscotch ice cream itself and it tasted just like butterscotch, as I would have expected.  It was mild butterscotch flavor, which was kind of disappointing, but it was also nice.  My disappointment didn't last long though because I figured out why Ben & Jerry's decided to make the flavor of the ice cream itself mild...because the swirl itself was quite potent and had very strong butterscotch flavor.  I love butterscotch, so it wasn't too much flavor for me, but I will say that it did come close to crossing that border.  That's how strong this was.  As for the swirl itself, the soft and candy like portions were quite fun and provided some textural fun to this pint as I made it through.  I especially enjoyed the hardened portions that made it like I was finishing off one of my beloved butterscotch disks.  All in all though, this pint was all butterscotch, all the time.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Like I mentioned previously, I love butterscotch, so I was able to handle the power of the butterscotch flavor in this one and that means I'll give this a BUY IT rating.  That said, if you are indifferent toward butterscotch, this might be a bit much for you and obviously if you don't like butterscotch, this is definitely not one that you want to try out.  Either way, it's probably this flavor is only a limited batch gimmick offering to be associated with the movie, because I don't see how this one could survive long term.



  1. For some sort of frame of reference, do you have a list of your favorite 5/10 ice creams/gelatos/frozen dairy desserts that you've ever had? Thanks.

  2. I get this question a lot and it's always a hard one to answer because I've had so many. I'd say some of my favorites are Turkey Hill's Whoopie Pie, Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies, New Orleans Ice Cream Company's Cafe de Aulait (sp?), Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Bunds and Haagen-Dazs' White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, to name a few. I'm sure I'm missing some, but that's what I've got right now.

  3. Check out some of the Edys slow churned flavors like cinnamon bun fun and let us know what you think.


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