Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: South Beach Diet Good to Go Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Bars

When I think of South Beach, I think of hard bodies, parties and attractive people.  I certainly don't think about diets, but apparently in order to have a hard body, party and be attractive, people need to constantly diet in order to be able to fit the bill.  With that said, I was perusing through my local Meijer recently when I saw a new flavor of South Beach Diet bars to add to my review catalog with this box of five South Beach Diet Good to Go Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Bars that I picked up on sale for $2.99.  Each bar is 1.19 ounces and has 120 calories and six grams of protein.  They are also gluten free, so that lack of gluten will help everyone attain that hard body that they are looking for.

As you can see from my picture above (and also the box), this is all dark chocolate, all the time.  Chocolate is never a bad thing, but my experience has shown me that sometimes dark chocolate is a bad thing.  That said, this bar is made up of a hard dark chocolate "icing" base layer topped with a brownie-like dark chocolate mix containing rice crisps for some crunch and protein.  On top of that is another icing layer that is then topped with more dark chocolate icing swirl on top of the bar.  As I mentioned previously, there is certainly no shortage of dark chocolate here.

When I bit into this, I was immediately reminded of a German Chocolate Cake, minus the coconut and caramel portion.  I guess that just means that this is a soft brownie with decadent chocolate when I really think about it and that is definitely okay.  The dark chocolate did not have that bitter dark chocolate taste at all and while it was not sweet, it was somewhat decadent.  All of the icing portions melted quickly in the heat of my mouth and coated the brownie portion of the bar which made for an excellent and fun experience as I made my way through this chewy bar.  The interior crisps and cereal grains made for a kind of grainy texture, which in this case, was just fine as it added an additional experience to this bar.  One could almost say that grainy texture was kind of like the coconut shards in my aforementioned German Chocolate Cake.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this bar, so it gets a hearty BUY IT rating.  I had tepid expectations going in, but this far surpassed those and I would say that as a whole, these bars were borderline addicting because of how they approached being decadent.  Certainly anything that reminds me of my beloved German Chocolate Cake is going to get high marks and these bars did that.


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  1. Thanks, I think these are great. And 120 calories for 6 grams of protein isn't too bad.


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