Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends Caramel Macchiato Greek Yogurt

I've got to admit that I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Dannon's Light & Fit yogurt line, so when they added Greek yogurts to the mix, I was quite curious and tried some out in previous reviews.  Upon a recent meandering of Walmart, I found that they had extended that line of Greek yogurts to include "Blends".  Perhaps that is old news (it probably is), but the fact that they now have "Blends" was definitely news to me, so I picked up several flavors to try out and that leads me to today's review of this Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends Caramel Macchiato Greek Yogurt that I picked up for $1.00.  It's 5.3 ounces of 80 calorie fun that is packed with two times of the protein of regular yogurt, which in this case, means twelve grams of protein.

As you can see from above, this Greek yogurt has a tan coloring to it, which is a result of both the caramel and macchiato flavoring.  It was especially creamy, like a lot of Greek yogurts tend to be, so that was quite nice as well.  The only other observation that I had was that this had conflicting smells (both mild) of caramel and macchiato (coffee), so I knew the two namesake flavors would at least be present from a odor perspective, so that was a good start.

When I took my first spoonful of this thick and creamy Greek yogurt, it was like I was being led through an eventful flavor journey.  My initial taste was that of the caramel.  It was that of a hearty, but not sweet, caramel.  Following that was the mocha/coffee taste of the macchiato, which while it did have a coffee taste, it was smooth and not overpowering in the slightest bit.  Following that was the tartness that one could come to expect out of Greek yogurt and finally to cap off my journey through my first spoonful, I was re-greeted by the macchiato flavoring as this had a coffee-ish aftertaste as I swallowed it down.  This process repeated itself with each successive spoonful and since the flavors were so mild, it was a pleasing one.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I'm a daily coffee drinker, so the mild coffee flavoring did not bother me in this one and I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor journey that each spoonful of this took me on, so I give this a BUY IT rating.  If you aren't a coffee person, you might not find this appealing, but in terms of an overall package, this was one of the more interesting blends of flavors that I've ever had and by interesting, I obviously mean that in a good way.



  1. A 100% Yikes....tasted so gross and has nothing to do with Caramel Macchiato at all - It did taste like a regular coffee shot added to exaggerated sugary Yogurt. An EPIC failure.

  2. I've had both the Light and Fit and the regular Oikos Greek (packed with sugar) of the caramel macchiato. I thought they were both great. Unfortunately I can't find the Light and Fit anywhere right now, so am suffering through the sugar of the regular.


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