Monday, September 2, 2013

Review: Breyers Blasts! SNICKERS Bar Light Ice Cream

Everyone knows that SNICKERS is a classic dessert add-in (and candy bar).  Because it's a classic, I often times view it as boring.  But, armed with a sale and a need to pick up more desserts, I was willing to put that boredom aside and pick up a container of Breyers Blasts! SNICKERS Bar Light Ice Cream to add to my ever growing catalog of Breyers reviews.  I got this 1.5 quart container on sale for $3.00 and each container has the usual twelve half-cup servings and each serving is a "light" 150 calories.  It seems like most of the Breyers Blasts! flavors are made using frozen dairy dessert, so it's rare to come across one that is actually ice cream, albeit light, like this one is.  What is most amazing about this is that when I did a search of the internet for other reviews like I do each time I do an ice cream review, I couldn't find hardly anything around this flavor.  I guess others might find it boring and not worthy of a review.  I just feel special now since I'm doing a review...or something.

This container is a base of vanilla ice cream mixed with ample caramel swirls, chocolate covered peanuts and also pieces of the famous candy bar.  As you can see above, there is a heck of a lot of stuff going on with this container in every aspect, but that's not surprising considering that is the whole point of the Blasts! line of products.  I do with there had been more candy bar pieces, but I'd complain about that every time, no matter what the product is because I just love my add-ins.  Anyway, outside of that visual abundance, this also had a faint smell of caramel and chocolate, but it wasn't overly impressive.

Being that the light ice cream flavor is vanilla, there's not a lot to say.  Sure, it's thinner than regular ice cream, but the vanilla flavor is what you'd expect.  The true test is how it matches up with the caramel swirls since that's where the real flavor is and I will say that it matches up quite well.  The caramel flavor was thick and sweet and provided a nice punch to the fairly flat vanilla flavor of the light ice cream.  Standing alone, it might have been a bit too much sweetness, but the chocolate covered peanuts and SNICKERS bar pieces did a good job breaking that up.  Now, how does chocolate break up sweetness of caramel?  I have no idea, but it did happen here.  Those chocolate covered peanuts and SNICKERS bars also did break up the texture of this to a crazy level as more than most add-ins these Blasts! products, these two components were quite hard, especially the SNICKERS bar pieces.  They were so hard in fact, that they were almost too hard to chew and required quite a bit of effort to break them down.  Still, those candy bar pieces mixed well with the vanilla light ice cream and the sweet and gooey caramel.  The chocolate from the peanuts and candy bars had that melt-in-your-mouth quality, so that was a nice way to mix it up with the caramel and cooling vanilla light ice cream.  Despite the fact that the nuts and candy bars were harder than I would have expected, they really were the best part about this as they took something that could have been exceptionally boring and added a memorable characteristic.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I just re-read that last paragraph and it seems like I spent way too much time trying to overly romantic about what is just a workmanlike flavor.  This flavor is basically everything you'd expect it to be going in and there's nothing wrong with that, so it gets a BUY IT rating because it still was tasty and sometimes you should get a bonus for not messing up what would seem to be an easy flavor recipe.  If you are expecting anything beyond special, you'd be best to look elsewhere.  If you are looking for a flavor that would deliver, with quality, as you'd expect it to, then this is definitely one you'd want to grab.  Now if you are a SNICKERS lover, you'll probably find this to be the greatest thing you've ever eaten in your life.  Since I'm ambivalent toward SNICKERS bars and could live with or without them, I just find this to be an moderately tasty flavor that is pretty much just what I expected from it going in.


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