Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review: Silk Fruity & Creamy Strawberry Soy Yogurt

I'll fully admit, after my last Silk review, I was pretty much ready to mail in this review and just copy and paste the review into this review while only changing the name of the flavor since I expected that experience to pretty much mirror what I was expecting this Silk Fruity & Creamy Strawberry Soy Yogurt to be.  Ultimately, I decided I'd at least give it a shot at typing this out and'll just have to read the review to find out.  This cup of dairy-free yogurt made with soymilk was 5.3 ounces and had 150 calories and six grams of protein.

Ordinarily I like to make fun of products that use somewhat sexy words to describe their product and this cup of soy yogurt uses two of those words in this products name with fruity and creamy.  That said, Silk's usage of the word creamy actually does apply.  It applied in the last review and it also applies in this review as well as the yogurt was thick and creamy, which is quite a win considering a lot of regular dairy yogurts are not that, despite the fact that they claim to be.  That's a win.  As for the rest of the yogurt, it did have a slight hint of that bizarre soy smell, but it also smelled nicely of strawberries as well, so that bizarre smell was cancelled out by something appetizing.  Within the rest of the yogurt cup were bits of strawberries and yes, that's what thing tiny thing is in the middle of the picture above.  Fortunately, once I dug further into the cup, there were some larger strawberry bits and frankly, I was pleasantly surprised by how big they were.

After my first spoonful, I was of course met by that soy taste that is in soy yogurt products.  Where this differed from my last Silk review though that was while the soy taste was definitely noticeable here, it was more overpowered by the fruity flavor of the strawberry.  It's not often that I can say that about strawberry as a flavor, but this one hit it out of the park on that strawberry flavor and took something that I thought would be exceptionally boring and turned it into something that I can honestly say I enjoyed.  I did not expect that at all.  The strawberry bits in the cup broke up the texture a bit, but it was nothing to write home about (but it was okay to write a blog about).

Buy It or Fly By It?  I gave the last Silk product I reviewed a tepid positive rating.  In this review, I am decidedly less tepid and have no qualms about giving this a solid BUY IT rating.  Certainly not the best yogurt I've ever had, but it is the best soy yogurt I've ever had and actually, it's better than a lot of the regular yogurts I've had as well.  Well done, Silk.


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