Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review: Rise Crunchy Cranberry Apple Breakfast Bar

I covered in my last Rise breakfast bar review how these bars popped up on me at Meijer one day and I knew I had to grab them to try out, so I'll spare that again.  I'll also spare you the story of how my mom used to say "rise and shine" all the time in the morning and it used to make me mad because all I wanted to do was sleep.  Oh wait, I guess I just did re-hash both of those stories, so I didn't spare anything.  Sweet writing skills.  Anyway, I got this Rise Crunchy Cranberry Apple Breakfast Bar for $1.00 and it comes in at 1.4 ounces with 160 calories and three grams of protein. It's produced with a limited number of ingredients, is all natural and is also gluten free, so Rise is attempting to produce quite the healthy concoction here.

The motif of these breakfast bars has been fruits and nuts and this bar is no different.  For the fruits, the bars is sporadically spread with dried bombs of cranberries and apples.  For the nut component, the bar is spread with HUGE almond chunks.  Those components are then held together by date paste that is interspersed with honey and rice crisps, which happen to take quite a big presence in this bar actually.  Other than visual characteristics, there's not really anything else to report because this bar doesn't produce anything resembling a noticeable smell coming out of here.

Just like the last bar, my first bite produced an incredible amount of crunch, so they nailed that right on with the name.  What differed from the last bar is that the named nut (almonds) did not produce the power of flavor that the last bar did (walnuts).  In the case of the almonds in this bar, all they really did was provide that extreme crunch and very minimal flavor.  The rest of the flavor in the bar was some sweetness and tang provided by the dried cranberries and apples, along with the honey.  None of them really stood out though, so if I had to say anything about this bar, I would say that it was very basic.  The flavors were noticeable, but they really didn't sway me in any particular way.  Writing this review after the fact, the only thing I can truly remember with any sort of clarity is the amount of crunch.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Despite the fact that the flavor itself was moderately boring, I absolutely adored the amount of crunch in this bar, so I give it a BUY IT rating.  These Rise bars promise three hours of energy and that was pretty much right on with this because I can almost time falling asleep to being exactly three hours after I ate this bar.  LOL, how incredible is that?  Regardless, if you enjoy extreme crunch, this Rise bar will deliver that to you in abundance.


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  1. Good review. Do you mind rating the Rise Bar on my site too? I started a database for gluten free protein bars and I'm trying to gather a few honest user reviews.


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