Sunday, July 7, 2013

News: National Ice Cream Month / Ben & Jerry's Week!

For those of you that don't know, July is National Ice Cream Month.  Basically, for gluttons like myself and some of my fellow ice cream related blog brethren, this is the best time of the year.  In celebration of that, I'm going to spend the next week posting a new daily review of a product from one of the most known ice cream purveyors in the United States as I hit on a different Ben & Jerry's flavor every day.  One caveat though is that not every single review will be of one of their ice cream products.  They've been churning out some frozen Greek yogurt products recently, some of which I've already looked at, so I'll be mixing in a couple of those review in as well.

Also, expect to see a lot of different ice cream/dessert related reviews this month as I try to celebrate this great month in style.  Hope you enjoy!

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