Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Ben & Jerry's Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt

I know I'm a little late to the part on this one, but better late than never, I guess.  Today's review adds to my Ben & Jerry's collection as I take a look at this semi-new flavored inspired by a character on NBC's dearly departed 30 Rock with this pint of Ben & Jerry's Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt.  Many people on the web have already looked at this one extensively, but I might as well add my review to the pile as well.  This pint has the typical four half-cup servings and each serving in the pint is 180 calories of Greek non-fat frozen yogurt.

Since I've been so lazy and late in doing this review, I might as well continue that laziness and let Ben & Jerry's go ahead and describe this for me:  "Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt with a Blueberry Lavender Swirl."  The lemon Greek frozen yogurt had a moderately yellowish color to it and also had a slight lemon smell to it.  It was not powerful, which is nice, because the thought of powerful lemon frozen yogurt kind of scares me.  That aforementioned blueberry lavender swirl was spread well throughout center of the pint, but it was quite thin in it's size.  There's nothing wrong with that, but I guess I would have expected a little more from Ben & Jerry's.

As I took my first spoonful, I wasn't sure what to expect from the lemon yogurt.  Would it be more lemon than tart Greek flavor or vice versa?  What I got was something that straddled the line and actually caused both of them to essentially cancel out any dominance.  Both types of flavor were noticeable, meaning the lemon had its zippy quality and the Greek yogurt had its tart quality, but neither of them really was the star of the show or tried to slap me in the face.  Actually, I would say it was pretty pleasant tasting and that was nice considering that I was afraid of this going in.  As for the blueberry lavender swirl, it had nice, sweet flavor that balanced out well with the tang and zip of the lemon Greek yogurt.  One thing I will say though is that there was nothing mild about this container as with the combinations of sweet, tangy and "zip", I definitely was getting something that would clear out my sinuses.  I would go so far as to say it had a pine (like the tree) like flavor to it, which after several spoonfuls, grew even stronger.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This is not a flavor that I'd purchase frequently, but that's just because of personal preference of not being the world's biggest fan of lemon-flavored food products (I do like lemon drinks though) and in the end, I don't feel bad that I didn't rush out to buy this for a review.  That said, this is still a good container of frozen yogurt and a nice flavor combination, so I'll give it a BUY IT rating.  If you are a lemon freak, you'll absolutely love this.  If you don't like lemons, you'd probably hate this and want to stay away.

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  1. One reason I buy Ben & Jerry's is the small container. I try to make it last. I like the Liz Lemon and have just bought it for the second time. I think they invented a new flavor because it is not extremely lemony or very sweet and has a tiny hint of butter.

  2. I haven't tried this flavor yet. I like lemon, Greek yogurt, and blueberries, although I haven't tasted a combination of them before. I had been thinking this product was worth a try, but learning of a pine flavor that grows stronger by the spoonful, I'm now inclined to avoid it! Curiosity might win out, we'll see...


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