Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: YoCrunch Yopa! Blueberries with Whole Grain Granola Greek Yogurt

When you look at different flavor variations of the same basic product, reviews can get kind of boring.  I've already touched on one of these YoCrunch Yopa! products before, but my desire to add content to the blog (who doesn't love content?) leads me to review this YoCrunch Yopa! Blueberries with Whole Grain Granola Greek Yogurt, despite the fact that there is very little difference from the previous review in that we are trading out only one flavor.  The rest is the same.  Anyway, this cup was picked up at Kroger for $1.00 and it's 5.3 ounces, 180 calories with the granola included (110 without) and has thirteen grams of protein.  It's whole grain granola and really, isn't whole grain the best?  Actually, I don't really care...I'm just being a smart ass.

Just like the Black Cherries version, this one is fruit on the bottom, so what you see above is the yogurt cup with all the ingredients and mix-ins tossed up together.  The blueberry layer on the bottom was a bit runny and didn't really have any noticeably sized blueberry chunks, but that's okay as long as the blueberry flavor is there.  The blueberry smell was definitely there as was the smell of the tart yogurt.  In fact, I thought that tart smell was relatively potent in this case.  The yogurt itself was a bit runnier than the previous iterations, but those were so creamy that it was almost comical.  The granola was typical stuff and there was a healthy amount of it as usual, so there was definitely going to be some wonderful textural break-up in this.

And that textural break-up was there, and that made this more fun to eat.  One thing of note about this cup that I didn't really encounter in the previous Yopa! products was that the Greek yogurt itself, while tangy, seemed somewhat dry, which was strange.  Thankfully, the sweet blueberry filling moistened that yogurt when it was mixed together and also cancelled out some the tang, which made this an enjoyable treat.  It wasn't powerfully blueberry tasting, but it was enough that I felt that I was eating a cup of yogurt with a side of blueberry, if that means anything to you.

Buy It or Fly By It?  There was nothing wrong with this cup and it was a good, safe flavor, so I give it a BUY IT rating.  Sure, reviewing all these things that are essentially the same can get boring, but you never know when one is going to pop out that is just awful.  It's looking for that awful one (sweet goal) that will keep me on the quest to review seemingly the same product over and over again.


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