Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: Fruttare Strawberry Ice Bars

So, I'm two-for-two (including this one) on getting Fruttare products for free and with another review coming in the future, I'll be a perfect three-for-three.  This review of the Fruttare Strawberry Ice Bars comes compliments of the public relations agency that is putting out the word for these new bars.  Ordinarily, this would cost anywhere in the $4.00 range for a box of six bars, but since I'm a lucky guy, I didn't get dinged with that.  Each bar in the box is two fluid ounces and is a very, very economical 60 calories.

This is just a strawberry ice bar, so going into this, I wasn't expecting much other than a frozen red thing on a stick.  After taking this out of the wrapper, I essentially got that, but there were a few other fun things about this that I did not expect.  First, the bar itself included what appeared to be specks of little strawberry bits.  That was kind of cool.  Also, the strawberry coloring of this was faded a bit, almost as if it was milky (which it was not) instead of just red frozen water like I was expecting.  Again, sort of fun (I need to get a life) and completely unexpected.  Everything else about the bar was as I'd expect though, so let's move on.

Biting into this also provided quite a different experience from what I had been expecting.  First, most frozen bars that I've eaten in the past have been icy to the point of being teeth-breakingly crunchy.  This bar did not have that issue and in fact, it was almost so soft that it reminded me of the fruit and milk bar that I had tried previously as it had the same kind of soft texture.  It also had the mouthfeel of being creamy as well, which again, was totally unexpected and very much appreciated.  I guess that means that the strawberry juice that they used had less water to dilute it than a typical strawberry bar.  Nice.  The strawberry flavor itself was sweet and mild, although not so mild that you forgot what it was.  It definitely announced what its flavor was, but I did not get punched in the face with it.  If I had to come up with one word to describe that, I would say "pleasing."

Buy It or Fly By It?  I have to admit that I wasn't too motivated to try this one out going in because I figured it would be a boring frozen bar on a stick.  Instead, what I got was something entirely different that I thoroughly enjoyed and wholeheartedly give a BUY IT rating.  Frankly, I would almost classify this as awesome and at only 60 calories, it's not that bad (although not recommended) if you were to eat two in one sitting, which I have done.  These things are addicting and at only 120 calories for the two, quantity gluttony is okay here.  If you see these in the frozen dessert section of your local grocery store, snatch up a box and you will not regret it.


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