Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: YoCrunch Yopa! Black Cherries with Whole Grain Granola Greek Yogurt

In my previous YoCrunch Yopa! review, I was struck by how YoCrunch had done such a fine job taking a simple flavor combination and making it quite tasty. Since I had that positive experience, the next time I saw Yopa! Greek yogurts on sale at Meijer, I grabbed a few more flavors to try out and that leads to today's review of this YoCrunch Yopa! Black Cherries with Whole Grain Granola Greek Yogurt. This was on sale for $1.00 and clocks in at 100 calories for the yogurt alone and then adding the whole grain granola in ups this to 180 calories. It also has thirteen grams of protein packed into 5.3 ounces of fun.

As the front of the container says, this cup of yogurt has the fruit on the bottom, so after adding the granola in, I stirred this up for the photo above. That fruit mix on the bottom was runnier than I would have expected and only had shards of cherry bits mixed in. I was disappointed by that, but as long as the flavor is okay, who really cares, right? Anyway, this one had the conflicting smells of sweet cherries and tangy Greek yogurt, so it was almost as if it was a battle of wills to see which one could stand out. After using very strict scientific testing methods and protocols, I can say that there was no winner. The granola added in was standard stuff and the amount of granola added in was just the perfect amount. It was enough to break up the texture of the yogurt cup as a supporting player, but it wasn't enough to make itself the focal point of the entire mix.

I first took a quick nip of the plain yogurt itself and it was especially thick and creamy. It's flavor profile was pretty much like all Greek yogurts with its tang and while the tang was very noticeable, it wasn't overbearing. My next ask was to take a nip of the black cherry mix and it was sweet and had wonderful cherry flavor. Just like the yogurt, it announced itself with its flavor, but did nothing to overpower me. Obviously the final step here was to mix everything together and what I got was an especially pleasing mix that I would almost call a treat. The tang of the yogurt and the sweetness of the cherries almost cancelled each other out and teamed up to make a flavor combination that was both mildly tangy and mildly sweet. It was pleasing and comforting in a way, because while I was getting both flavors, I was getting them in manageable and appetizing amounts. When you add in the textural break-up of the granola which brought a grainy crunch, this became something that I could eat all day long and be satisfied while doing it.

Buy It or Fly By It? If I say I can eat something all day long, it very much gets a rating. While this certainly wasn't the greatest thing I've ever tried, it was quite good and something that I very much enjoyed eating. As a cherry lover, anytime I can find something appetizing that has that flavor, it brings a smile to my face and this did that. If you like cherries and/or want a pleasing and comforting treat, grab this out of your grocer's refrigerator case and I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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