Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: Klondike Heath Ice Cream Bars

The old commercial tagline for Klondike Bars was "What would you do for a Klondike bar?"  Klondike bars are fine, but I wouldn't even buy them unless they were on sale.  So, in response to the commercial, my answer is that I wouldn't do much.  That said, they were on sale recently as I mentioned in a prior review, so I picked up two different flavors and this Klondike Heath Ice Cream Bar is that second flavor.  I picked these up at Meijer on sale for $2.50 for a box of six and each bar in the box is 230 calories and roughly four ounces per bar.  Obviously modeled after HEATH bars, it's milk chocolate English toffee in ice cream bar form (the tagline is "Kind of like a HEATH bar, only ice creamier"; cute).  I can't remember if I've mentioned this in prior toffee flavored product reviews, but toffee is something that I never really developed a craving for until later in life.  HEATH bars were fine as I was growing up, but they weren't anything that I actively pursued.  It wasn't until later in life when my uncle showed up at Christmas with a brick of toffee from a sweets shop that I developed an intense craving for it.  That stuff was so incredible that it sold me on toffee for life.

As you can see and should not be surprised by based on prior reviews or Klondike bars in general, the outside of this bar is a layer of hardened milk chocolate with the broken up HEATH candy bar pieces made up of a mix of butter, almonds, etc.) that are amply spread throughout.  The interior of the bar is the standard Klondike light ice cream with a slight buttery and almond smell and color to continue to convey the HEATH toffee feel that the bar is going for.

Not surprisingly, this bar tasted like HEATH bar toffee, although I can say it wasn't particularly strong.  It was sweet and rich, but it wasn't so strong that it knocked you over.  It was more of a complimentary flavor to the ice cream and that surprised me as I expected the toffee flavoring to be front and center with this.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't missing, it was just less of a major star than I expected.  As for the rest of the bar, the exterior milk chocolate brought additional sweetness and crunch to the bar and the HEATH bar pieces spread on the outside did the exact same thing.  While not as rich as I would have expected, this entire bar was definitely sweet and being that my undying love for sweets and sweetness is eventually going to make my teeth fall out, I certainly appreciated that flavor profile in addition to the typically cooling characteristics of the buttery light ice cream.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Based on what I was expecting from this going in, I could make the argument that I was bored by this, but in reality, this was just fine.  It was a mild flavored and ably done representation of a delicious candy confection and for that it gets a BUY IT rating in my book.  It's not a world beater or the greatest thing ever (similar to most Klondike bars), but it gets the job done for filling a sweets craving in a very humble and workman-like way.


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