Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: YoCrunch Apple Pie Parfait with Cinna-Crunch

Like I've mentioned every now and then on the blog, I'll occasionally be meandering through my local store just wasting time and something that I've never seen before will somehow attract my attention and I'll just become mesmerized by it and throw it in my cart.  That was the case with this YoCrunch Apple Pie Parfait with Cinna-Crunch that I saw recently on sale at my local Kroger for $2.99 for a four pack of 4.0 ounce cups.  Each cup is 110 calories and is made with real apples and cinnamon.  This also is fat free, has no artificial sweeteners or colors, so all of that makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

So since this is a parfait, the fruit is on top and then that's topped with the yogurt.  That's definitely the case with this cup as the strong and wonderfully smelling apple and cinnamon mix base consisting of several decent sized apple chunks is topped by a very vanilla smelling fat free yogurt.  Basically, on the just that composition alone, this one is a winner on the presentation front, which is often the case in my YoCrunch reviews.  As for the topping to the parfait, I'm able to add in (if I choose) my own "Cinna-Crunch" topping (they've trademarked that name, which I find funny) and since that is what YoCrunch intended, that is certainly what I plan on doing.  Yay me.  Since this is a review blog, I guess I should cover what exactly is in that topping (on the right in the picture above)'s a mixture of various flours, sugars, cinnamon, etc.  Basically, it's cinnamon flavored crumble, like you'd find on top of an apple pie.  Shocking, I know.

So what did it taste like?  Well, it was an apple pie that was heavy on vanilla.  The crumble, since it essentially was taken straight from the top of a pie, had a wonderful crunch and cinnamon flavoring and was kind of fun to eat.  Actually, I'd eat the crumble on it's own because it was so good.  As for the yogurt mix itself, it was slightly better than average.  The apple and cinnamon flavors were strong and the occasional chunks of apple made for a nice textural breakup to the smooth and very vanilla nonfat yogurt.  Something about the apple flavor did seem off though, but I'm guessing that was because they went lighter on the sugar than a typical apple pie would, so it was missing that punch you in the face sweetness of a pie.  Still, that wasn't a negative at all, it was just a different presentation of the American classic.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Basic product, but it did have good taste.  Plus, when you've got apples and cinnamon and manage not to screw it up royally, which YoCrunch definitely did not do here, you've got a winner in my book that gets a deserving BUY IT rating.  Like I said, the Cinna-Crunch makes it kind of fun too.  Also, it's not a calorie buster at 110 calories and it's a tiny cup of fun to eat, so grab it off the shelf it if catches your eye at your local store like it did me.


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  1. you was right the apple crumb is very good i bought it yesterday


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