Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: Nature Valley Vanilla Yogurt Chewy Granola Bar

I admit, the thought of doing another Nature Valley review and especially one on this product seemed kind of boring to me. You might even say that it sounded vanilla. Okay, I admit, that was a HORRIBLE attempt at humor. Anyway, my bad humor aside, let's get crackin' on this review if the Nature Valley Vanilla Yogurt Chewy Granola Bar. I got this one at work so it was free, but I know that a box of these runs in the $3.00-$4.00 range at my local stores. This bar measures up at 1.2 ounces and has 140 calories with a minute two grams of protein.

Being that this is just vanilla, there's not a whole lot to describe on this bar. It's the typical soft and pliable Nature Valley granola held together by sticky honey and various syrups. The bar then has a vanilla yogurt base that while it definitely smells of vanilla, it isn't particularly strong. Outside of that, there's nothing else really worth covering.

The description of this bar was pretty basic and so was the flavor. Again, I can't say that was unexpected though. The granola mix itself was standard stuff...soft and chewy, but it was lacking any sort of crunch which makes sense since this is marketed as a chewy bar. As for the vanilla yogurt coating, it was very basic too and to be like a broken record, that was expected too. It wasn't sweet or tangy and all it really did was tame what have could have been sweet honey flavor eminating from the granola mix. That said, it didn't ruin anything and wasn't half bad. One semi-interesting thing that made this kind of fun was that the yogurt coating melted once it entered the heat of my mouth, which provides a kind of rich and decadent feel to something very basic. It was a positive quality to a very basic bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This is basic in every definition of the word, but even with that, this bar was tasty enough that I give it a BUY IT rating. If you just need a snack to want something to chew on, this more than capably fits the bill. It's because of that that I rate this one okay after what I consider a mostly tepid review.


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