Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review: Kellogg's FiberPlus Antioxidants Peanut Protein Chewy Bars

As the protein bar wars continue with seemingly everyone jumping in, I'm led to yet another review of one of Kellogg's attempts at joining the fray by extending their typical FiberPlus Antioxidants line to also include heavy protein.  With that attempt, I picked up a box of five of these pretty basic sounding Kellogg's FiberPlus Antioxidants Peanut Protein Chewy Bars at Marsh on sale for $2.99 leading to another review.  Each bar in the box is 1.41 ounces and has 170 calories, ten grams of protein and since it's a fiber bar as well, it also has seven grams of fiber.

With a basic name like "Peanut," I couldn't really expect a lot going into this and being that Kellogg's dumbed this down by putting an arty picture of the bar on the front of the box, there was nothing of consequence that differed once I opened the wrapper of my first bar.  What this bar was, as you can see from the box, was a bar that had a thick chocolate base layer that was topped with a layer of rice/soy crisp that included a plethora of peanuts.  One top of that base mix was another decorative swirl of chocolate, so in terms of the visual aspect, that was it.  One other observation about this bar was that the chocolate had an extremely strong scent of chocolate, so that was quite nice.

Much like the design of this bar, there was nothing overtly wonderful or out of the ordinary about the taste of this bar.  It tasted like a bar consisting of peanuts and chocolate, although the chocolate flavor was not anywhere near sweet.  It was dense and coating the actual "meat" of the bar quite well, but it did not bring any sort of sweetness to it.  One thing it did do though was mute the saltiness of the peanuts because while they did have a mild salty flavor, I could tell that had the chocolate not been there, that salt flavor could have gotten out of the control.  In terms of the bar as a whole, it was an extremely chewy bar with the pop brought from the peanuts spread throughout the entire mix.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I can't say anything about this bar other than the fact that it delivered like I thought it would.  Because of that, it gets a BUY IT rating.  It was neither outstanding or awful and if you are looking for something protein-related that has chocolate and peanuts, this is an alright option.  Unless you are looking for that though, this bar is fairly boring and a very "populist" flavor as it is not going to sway either way in terms of flavor and instead just sit right in middle.



  1. Not totally related, nor unrelated, but you should try Quest Nutrition's new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar. By all reports it's by far the best Quest bar they've released as they seem to have fixed the texture of rock hardness and plus it's freakin cookie dough. Wonder if it would end up being the best bar you've ever had.

    1. I am vouching for that bar! It's dangerous. Quest bars are awesome to begin with, and I should never buy that bar in multiples because I will eat them all at once.


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