Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: Honey P. Nutty Cranberry PB Bar

I mentioned in my previous Honey P. Nutty post that they had sought me out and sent me a box of bars to try out for free and it's that box that leads me to this second review of the Honey P. Nutty Cranberry PB Bar.  This one comes in at 1.8 ounces and has 217 calories and six grams of protein.  It's gluten free and after I took a look at the label, it is homemade of only six ingredients, so that was quite nice and very natural, so to speak.  Those six ingredients included peanuts, dried cranberries, honey, cornmeal, sea salt and vanilla, in case you were interested.

As I took this out of the wrapper and as you can see above, the first thing I noticed was the size and unbelievable ample amount of both peanuts and dried cranberries in this bar.  Any time you get that size and quantity of mix-ins into a bar, you are ALWAYS off to a good start, especially when those mix-ins are delicious things like peanuts and cranberries.  Needless to say, I was very anxious to dive into that one.  Before I dove in though, there are a few other observations about the bar itself.  It was both sticky from the honey and soft from the cornmeal mix that makes up the bulk of the bar.  It also had a very strong peanut smell, so the PB portion of the bar was well represented as well.

When I bit into this the first, second, third and as I'm sure you've guessed by now, the primary taste of this bar was all peanut, all the time.  In fact, I was disappointed at the lack of cranberry taste for a bit until the cranberry flavor all of sudden hit after a few seconds as an aftertaste.  It was sweet and tart like dried cranberries can tend to be and since I like that flavor profile a lot, I liked that this bar had that going for it.  The sweetness, assisted by the honey, and tang were desperately needed as well because the peanut taste in this bar was strong and especially salty, which of course was from the sea salt that was in the ingredient list.  Honestly, I see sea salt as an ingredient all the time, but I rarely am able to taste it.  In the case of this bar, as I've described, the sea salt definitely takes a prominent role in the flavor of this and if it were not for the cranberries, it might overtake the bar.  As I happily made my way through the bar, I enjoyed the occasional crunch of the peanuts along with the soft, muffin-like cornmeal mix and then the chewiness of the dried cranberries.  All in all, this bar had all sorts of things going for it...sweetness, tang, saltiness, chewiness, was a huge gamut.  It was all over the board.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Being all over the board is not necessarily a bad thing and that is the case with this bar as it was the perfect mix of sweet and salty and I very much enjoyed it, thus leading this bar to a very strong BUY IT rating.  If you are lucky enough to see one of these or choose to buy one via their website, you will not regret it as this is another successful entry by Honey P. Nutty into the blog.



  1. This bar sounds really good.

    Never seen "Honey P. Nutty" products in any nearby stores though.

  2. Hey there Crazy Food Dude, thanks for the great review! We're still in startup stage and haven't started distribution beyond regional (Santa Fe NM area) yet - but you can pick up the bars online at Our ingredients are so costly (based on peanut butter and honey rather than cereal and syrup) that we need to work a bit more on getting our margins adjusted before hitting the national distributors. But we will be there soon! Thanks again.


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