Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: JELL-O Mix-Ins Oreo Dirt Cup Pudding

A lot of times when I decide what order to review products after buying a big batch of them at the store is to look at the expiration date.  Once I figure out that I'm not in danger from dying from a rapidly approaching expiration date (thus urgency for a review), I then base my decision on which product sounds the most interesting.  It was on a recent trip to Meijer that I picked up a lot of JELL-O Mix-Ins products for reviews and one of those products that I picked up was this JELL-O Mix-Ins Oreo Dirt Cup Pudding.  I've held this one for a quite a while because, quite frankly, I was pretty bored by what this entails.  Still, sometimes things that I perceive as boring end up surprising me in the end, so for that reason, I still end up reviewing them.  This two-pack of Mix-Ins pudding cups was on sale for $1.25 and each cups is roughly 3.4 ounces and has 130 calories.  It's made with real milk too!

One of the reasons that I found this so boring was the ingredients that were being used to make it up.  The pudding portion of this is just standard JELL-O chocolate pudding, which is good, but just plain.  The mix-ins portion of this is ground up Oreo cookies (thus the "dirt" in the product name) and then the marshmallow creme was in the flavor of multi-colored flower shapes.  I guess they are really trying to play the "Dirt Cup" theme here because, as we all know, flowers grow in dirt.  Because flowers grow in dirt, they obviously grow in the Oreo cookie "dirt" in this cup.  Pretty sneaky there, JELL-O.  Pretty sneaky, indeed.

There's really not a whole lot of anything exciting in the composition of this pudding cup and there's not anything really exciting in the flavor of this cup either.  The chocolate pudding tastes exactly like you'd expect it to, which is exactly like every other chocolate pudding from JELL-O that you could ever taste.  The ground up Oreos taste exactly guessed it...ground up Oreos!  The only different thing here is that the marshmallow creme flowers were somewhat crunchy and hard, unlike what you get in the cookie.  Other than that, the flowers tasted just like the creme in the cookie.  It's nice to have the grainy Oreo and the hardened marshmallow to break up the texture of the pudding, but in all honesty, it coulds stand to use more of both as I felt myself wanting more mix-ins.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I fully expected this review to be boring going in and it did not fail me.  It was boring, but that's not a bad thing because this pudding cup delivered exactly the way that I expected it to deliver.  Oreos, pudding and chocolate are all wonderful things and because JELL-O found away to deliver those as they are expected to be make this pudding cup get a BUY IT rating.  There's better options out there, but if you are an Oreo freak like some people out there (they are good, but I don't understand the Oreo worship sometimes), then this pudding cup is right up your alley.


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  1. Marshmallow? Are you on drugs or something? The creme in an oreo isn't even close to a marshmallow.


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