Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: Turkey Hill Chocolate Nutty Moose Tracks Light Ice Cream

So on a previous jaunt through Kroger, I picked up a couple of containers of Light Ice Cream as opposed to the regular full power ice creams that I mostly review.  You've already seen one of those reviews, but I'm hear with another review with this look at the Turkey Hill Chocolate Nutty Moose Tracks Light Ice Cream.  Like the last, I picked this one up on sale at Kroger for $2.99 for a 1.5 quart container.  Each container has twelve half-cup servings of light ice cream and each serving clocks in at 140 calories.

Turkey Hill describes this as "Chocolate light ice cream with choco peanuts, peanut butter cups, and Moose Tracks® fudge" and since the light ice cream is the first thing listed in the product description, let's start there. As with most "diet" ice creams, the chocolate light ice cream in this one is thinner than your typical chocolate ice cream, but it does carry a chocolate ice cream smell as you'd typically expect.  By the way, I want to lodge a complaint here:  chocolate ice creams rarely taste like actual chocolate and that bugs me.  I wish they would, but they most often taste like some sort of weird hybrid that isn't quite chocolate.  It's one of the reasons that I tend to stay away from chocolate ice creams.  Anyway, back to the game (or review)...the rest of the container is made of a a sizeable swirl of fudge and also a sporadic spreading of choco peanuts and peanut butter cups.  Where this container fails, at least on a visual perspective, is on the peanuts and peanut butter cups.  There just weren't many of them.  I guess that is a decent way to control calories, but when you advertise those add-ins, you should at least have a moderate amount of them and this container did not have that.  Depressing.

In terms of taste, the chocolate light ice cream was slightly off as I already complained about, but the fudge was quite nice.  It was thick, gooey and sweet and I very much appreciated that because it brought some sweetness that the actual ice cream lacked.  The peanuts, when I actually encountered them, added a nice burst of crunch and also additional chocolate flavor to mask the blandness of the light ice cream itself.  As for the peanut butter cups, I've got to say that I'm the most disappointed in them because there were hardly any of them in the ENTIRE container.  The ones I did encounter were exceptionally tiny and while they did add a slight burst of peanut butter and chocolate each time I encountered them, the encounters were so infrequent that they might as well not have been in there.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This had a nice recipe for success but ultimately did not deliver becauause of the shortage of the promised choco peanut and peanut butter cup add-ins.  The amount of chocolate fudge was great and made up for the bland chocolate light ice cream, but the lack of the other add-ins just made this one a failure for me so it gets a FLY BY IT rating.  Turkey Hill has a lot of great products, but this is not one of them unfortunately.


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