Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: Kellogg's Special K Cheddar Cracker Chips

I had previously reviewed some of Kellogg's Special K Cracker Chips before and had found them to be quite good, in an interesting way.  Since my local Meijer has basically been giving these Special K products away (as you'll be see this week with reviews), I picked up a box of these Kellogg's Special K Cheddar Cracker Chips on sale for $2.50.  You know, using cheese as your flavor seems like it is the easiest and oldest product development trick in the book.  I can just see these development putting all their heads together trying to come up with flavors and then ultimately settling on the ultimate fallback flavor, cheddar cheese.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that as there are some outstanding cheddar flavored products out there, but it does amuse me that everything seems to have a variation of that flavor.  For nutritional purposes, these cracker chips have 110 calories per serving (27 chips per serving) and there's roughly 3.5 servings in the 4.0 ounce box.  One hilarious aspect, at least to me, was that these come in a HUGE box and when I looked and saw that the contents were only 4.0 ounces, it kind of made me chuckle.

Visually, there's nothing to write home about with these.  It's a baked cracker chip with cheddar flavoring.  One thing of note is that the cheddar flavor is baked into the chip as opposed to being a powder dusting on the exterior.  That's nice because it prohibits you from getting Cheetos fingers when you eat these, so it's a good snack to eat on the go since you won't have to wash your hands.  The chips themselves are also quite light and airy since they are a baked product as well.  Also, if you want a size comparison, think in terms of a silver dollar (for those of you that have seen one) or a poker chip.

Since I have eaten these cracker chips previously, the amount of crunch provided by such an airy product was not a surprise to me.  I absolutely adore crunchy foods, so that crunch was certainly welcome.  In terms of flavor, I will say that while I did taste the cheddar cheese and it's flavor was somewhat sharp, the power of the flavoring was not really all that strong.  What I primarily tasted while eating these was the potato flavor of the cracker chips and the cheddar was more of a mild afterthought or an accent to that potato flavor.  That's okay, but I would have preferred a bit strong cheddar flavoring.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Since cheddar is such a basic flavor, this is a pretty short review because there's not a lot of detail to dive into.  I guess the main question going in to these was if the cracker chips tasted like cheddar cheese and since they did, albeit a very mild flavor, these get a BUY IT rating.  Like I said, I would have preferred a stronger cheddar flavor, but for a low calorie snack, you can't really complain.  One thing that these would work really well with is some sort of dip though (or squirting a dab of ketchup on them like me, lol) and then you've got a real winner.


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