Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: FRS Healthy Energy Wild Berry Energy Drink

I'd be foolish to think I've heard of everything, even though I sometimes act like I have heard of everything.  So, when wandering through Kroger one day, I found something that I truly had never heard of with this FRS Healthy Energy Wild Berry Energy Drink.  Curious to see what it was prior to taking a test, I visited their website and found out it is an energy drink preferred by athletes (supposedly).  One of those athletes just happens to be overrated/untalented quarterback/runningback/POS Tim Tebow, who I despise by the way.  I figure if Tebow endorses this product, it must really suck.  It was still worth a try though, so here we are.  Like I said, I grabbed this at Kroger and it has a regular price of $2.49 and it is twelve ounces and 90 calories.  The active ingredient in this is Quercetin, which according to their website is a "powerful, all-natural antioxidant found in red fruits and vegetables."  Alrighty then...I've never heard of it, but as my opening sentence said, I haven't heard of everything.

The bottle bills this as the perfect mix of sweet and tang and a strong source of antioxidants and there's a handy little chart on the bottle that shows that a bottle of this has more antioxidants than a similar serving size of blueberries or apples.  Wow, that's impressive...not.  Anyway, the wild berry mix in here consists of raspberries, red grapes and blueberries.  That's fine, but could someone please explain to me how all those darker colored berries I just listed end up looking like a thin orange juice like I've got in the shot glass above?  Something's not right here and despite the fact that this claims to be all natural, I have my doubts.  In terms of the smell of this drink, it smelled like some odd amalgamation of orange juice and grapefruit juice.  Again, how does happen?  Is Quercetin that much of a game changer?

While not exactly being impressed by the appearance and smell of this, I decided to take my first gulp and immediately regretted it.  It tasted a tiny bit like orange juice and had a sweet and tangy fruity flavor (again, that was proclaimed on the bottle), but that sweet and tang had more of an overwhelming acidic taste.  Wanting to make sure that it just wasn't that one gulp that was deceiving my taste buds, I took another gulp and was just as repulsed by it as I was the first gulp.  This was truly awful.  What made it even worse was that it was so acidic that I felt that my mouth was burning.  Having risked my life with the first two gulps, I decided enough was enough and poured the rest down the drain.  I decided I had more life to live than to just haphazardly end it by downing the rest of the bottle of this "healthy energy drink" in order to complete a review for this blog.  What made this even worse was that burning sensation that I described lasted another ten minutes until I was able to successfully purge it by downing nearly an entire bottle of water.  I can only imagine how much duress I would have been under had water not been available to save me.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This is truly one of the most, if not the most, awful thing I've ever tasted on this blog and give it perhaps the strongest FLY BY IT rating that I've ever given anything.  I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they were planning on seriously hurting themselves.  I wouldn't even recommend this to a thirsty man in the desert.  I'd recommend they die of dehydration before they drink this.  That said, with as much as I despise Tim Tebow, I hope he drinks a lot of this stuff because it sucks as bad as he does and I'd like to see it have negative effects on him.



  1. Wow, tell us how you really feel about Tebow. Did he kill your dog in the night? I think you may need to discuss this with your therapist....

  2. sad!!! this drink is just not upto the mark and on the other had i feel it isn't safe to have it as well... i recommend everyone not to try this.. seriously!!!


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