Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Liberte Greek Strawberry Yogurt

"Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" is a famous quote by American patriot Patrick Henry and when I was thumbing my way through the Kroger ad recently, I saw an advertisement Liberte Greek Strawberry Yogurt and my warped mind was immediately reminded of that quote and I got sort of a chuckle out of it.  What makes it even more deranged is that Liberte is a product from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, so there is nothing even remotely relating it to Patrick Henry.  I guess all the election hubbub that is going on now has me thinking a lot about politics and American statesmen.  So, like I said, I saw this in a Kroger advertisement and I picked it up there for $1.00.  It's 5.3 ounces and has 130 calories with eleven grams of protein.

Opening this up was not exactly the most appetizing visual as you can see above.  This was one of the most watery looking Greek yogurt cups that I had ever seen and when water is the first thing you notice about these single serving cups, that's generally not a good thing.  What I noticed next after stirring this up (and it staying somewhat watery still) was that the strawberry portion of this cup was made up of a pinkish looking strawberry jam that had some of the most depressing strawberry chunks in it that I had ever seen.  There were no vibrant reds or even any reds at all.  This just looked light pink and dead.  I know these strawberries aren't fresh, but some reds would have been nice.  Although, this cup is all natural, so I'm sure Liberte did not want to add in any artificial colors into this to get those reds, so I'll give them a pass I suppose.  I've purposely stayed away from describing the smell of this until now because, well, there really wasn't one.  It didn't have that typical Greek yogurt smell that I've grown accustomed to and it also did not have any sort of strawberry smell either.  Weird.

The smell was a harbinger of things to come because this didn't really taste like anything either.  Frankly, this was one of the most boring product that I've ever eaten.  The yogurt, while it did have very minimal tang, lacked any sort of bold flavor at all.  The fact that it stayed loose and watery wasn't exactly appealing either. The strawberry fruit component of this was also loose and somewhat watery as well and also had no real flavor.  There was a faint hint of sweetness and it definitely reminded me of strawberry when I tried really hard to concentrate on what I was eating, but if you blindfolded me and fed this to me, I'm not sure that I'd be able to tell you that it was strawberry flavored because it was so bland.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Bland smell, bland taste, bland appearance.  All that blandness adds up to a FLY BY IT rating.  Not a good introduction for Liberte on this blog and I'm certain that when Patrick Henry was making his famous quote, he may have chosen death over this, given the option.  That said, I can think of a current political candidate that I'd love to feed this to so that they would not enjoy their life for a few brief moments, but I'll let your imagination come up with a conclusion as to who I'm talking about...



  1. I was pretty disappointed in this and some other flavors of the greek yogurt of this brand. The texture was just off and like you said the fruit was pretty sad. I was pleasantly surprised by a non-greek French Vanilla flavored offering by this same company though. It came in a tall narrow cup instead of the short wide one that this came in.

    1. Part of happy it wasn't just me, but part of me is sad that these products have flaws. I've got more of them to review, so I hope these issues don't carry over to those as well.


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