Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review: PowerBar Triple Threat Energy S'mores Bar

I was just looking through the archives and I realized that every single S'mores product that I've reviewed on this blog has gotten a BUY IT rating, so that means that this review of the PowerBar Triple Threat Energy S'mores bar has some pretty lofty standards to meet if it wants to continue what I see as a pretty remarkable winning streak for S'mores flavored products.  Heck, I didn't realize I like S'mores so much until I looked that up.  So, it's a learning experience for me too.  Anyway, I picked up this bar at Meijer for $1.09.  It's angled toward the before and after cycles of exercise according to PowerBar and it clocks it at 1.94 ounces with 230 calories and ten grams of protein.

Since this is "S'mores" you'd expect it to be constructed, or at least made to look like it is constructed, with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows and this bar certainly does not fail in doing that.  On the bottom of the bar is a "graham cracker" layer that is more of a paste since it includes the protein mix, but it is graham-y enough for me.  In that graham cracker layer are several large and hard marshmallow bits that are spread sporadically throughout the bar.  Wrapping the "S'mores" up, both literally and figuratively, is a layer of thick chocolate that covers the entire bar.  One thing to note is that some bars while similar in weight feel quite light.  In the case of this bar, it feels quite dense and usually when that happens, I get excited because I've somehow conditioned myself to think that means more stuff and a better bar.  Only my first bite will confirm that though.

Anxious to prove my density theory right or wrong, I bit into this one like a starving child and what I found was a bar that matched the tagline printed on the package claiming that it tastes like a candy bar because this really did.  The graham cracker layer, while not entirely tasting like a graham cracker, was a reasonable enough approximation of one to make it delicious.  Oddly enough, this one was particularly soft and almost doughy, which is quite an accomplishment considering that most of these protein layers in these bars are hard and quite difficult to chew.  The marshmallow bits in the bar tasted like marshmallows and oddly, they weren't soft at all but were instead crunchy like a peanut or a chocolate chip.  Since the graham cracker layer was soft and doughy, having the crunchy marshmallow bits to top it all off was a nice texture contrast that I certainly appreciated.  To top it all off, the chocolate was thick, moderately creamy and if I had to categorize the intensity of the chocolate flavoring, I would say it was semi-sweet.  Not flat, but not a tooth rattler either.  What was remarkable about this bar was that none of the components really stood out as a star, but they instead worked as a team and all came together to form an outstanding taste that really did taste like a S'mores candy bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This one gets a solid BUY IT rating and continues the S'mores winning streak on the blog.  Honestly, all I could think about as I approached the end of the bar was that I wish there was more of it because this was freaking delicious.  Like I said, all of the components worked together and contributed to what I would almost classify as an outstanding bar.  Yes, I thought it was that good and I think that if you like S'mores, you will really like PowerBar's energy bar interpretation of them.

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