Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: MET-Rx Big 100 Rocky Road Cookie Dough Bar

In my previous reviews of MET-Rx bars, I've shared each time that these bars generally seem to me like they are for meatheads (I am not one) and that they are huge.  I'll spare the long intro regurgitating that again and instead just break into the review of the bar.  Firstly, I got this Big 100 Rocky Road Cookie Dough bar on sale for $2.00 at CVS and it clocks in at a gargantuan 3.52 ounces (it is a meal replacement bar after all).  It's 380 calories and contains an iron pumping 28 grams of protein.  The bar seems entirely manufactured, but they do manage to point out on the packaging that is does not have any artificial flavors or colors, so that is soothing I suppose.

Taking this bar out of the package, my first observation was that it looked like...well...something unmentionable.  So, this clearly wasn't going to win any beauty contests.  After that, my second observation was that I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to get this out of my hands because it was sticky as could be.  In fact, it was so sticky that it almost melted to the warm touch of my hands, kind of like what would happen to a Tootsie Roll if you held in your hand.  Actually, I like that Tootsie Roll comparison because that is what the outer texture of this bar was nearly identical to and since it also had a primary composition of chocolate, the comparison holds up.  Within the bar were bits of peanuts, dried out marshmallows, rice crisps and small bits of cookie dough.  The nuts and marshmallows are what make this extremely dense bar Rocky Road.

Biting into this was difficult at first as it required me to tear away at the bar as if I was tearing away a piece of Laffy Taffy.  The first couple of chews were quite difficult as well, but once it softened up in the heat of your mouth, it actually became quite easy to chew.  Again, I'll use the Tootsie Roll comparison.  Anyway, the internal components of the peanuts, dried marshmallows and rice crisps added a nice mild crunch texture to the chew and the cookie dough bits while discernible visually were not really there in terms of taste because there were so many components of this bar pulling in so many different directions.  One thing I will say about the crunch of this bar was that the dried marshmallow bits added more of what I'll call a hollow crunch in that while they were hard on the outside, they immediate disintegrated once you bit into them because of their hollow inside.  For a comparison, I would say that these marshmallow bits were extremely similar to what you may find in your Lucky Charms breakfast cereal.  As for the remainder of the bar, specifically the chocolate component, it definitely tasted of chocolate, but it had a weird, almost powdery aftertaste like it was a cocoa mix that had not been mixed thoroughly.  Strange, but not just added a grainy feel to the chocolate.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Well, I think I set a record for comparing one of these bars to multiple other products in this review, not that it has any bearing on my final decision.  Anyway, I can say that I desperately wanted to hate this bar going in because of the way it looked and felt, but after making my way though it, I can honestly say that I thought this was pretty good and can easily give it a BUY IT rating.  It was a more than pleasant surprise and after I finished this monster, I actually felt myself wanting more of it because the taste was so darn good.  But, in a rare moment of discretion, I was able to stop myself and not grab another.  Chalk that up as a win for me and chalk this bar up as a win for MET-Rx.

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  1. Rocky road that has peanuts instead of almonds? That's just wrong, very very wrong.

  2. I've heard horror stories about people eating a few of these in a day. I do believe there is a warning on the back about a laxative effect due to the sugar alcohols. stay safe duder

    1. Don't worry, I won't be eating two of MET-Rx bars in one day EVER. In most instances, I can only stomach one of them. In some instances, I can't even finish one because it is so awful. This Rocky Road one was one of the few that I found to be pretty good.


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