Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review: Zone Perfect Fruitified Blueberry Bar

I've reviewed a lot of Zone Perfect bars from their various lines of products, but every time I go to their website, it seems like there is more stuff that I'm missing and that leads me to this first review of one of their Fruitified products with this review of the Blueberry (pretty basic) bar from that line of products.  I picked this one up for free via a coupon that I got in a Facebook promo, but it weighs in at 1.76 ounces like seemingly all Zone Perfect bars do.  It also has 210 calories and fourteen grams of protein.

When I took this out of the packaging, there wasn't a whole lot of exciting things going on with this bar.  Much like the majority of Zone Perfect bars, it has a standard base of their rice crisp mix which packs the protein and also the crunch.  Within the rice crisp mix is a fair amount and decent sized dried blueberries.  The bar is then topped with what seems like a decorative swirl of yogurt "icing".  Outside of that I can't really think of anything else to say.

The taste of the bar was nearly as boring as the visual look of the bar too because it just didn't pack much flavor at all.  The blueberries in the bar had a very mild sweetness at the beginning and then a tang at the back end of the bite.  The minimal amount of yogurt was also minimally there in taste as well as I'm not sure I tasted any of the yogurt at all.  The rest of the bar, specifically the rice crisp mix, was essentially flavorless although it did bring an extremely nice crunch as I chewed through the bar.  As much as I love crunch, I just can't come to terms with chewing on something crunchy that has little to no flavor and that's what happened with this bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  FLY BY IT.  This wasn't particularly horrible, but since there was essentially no flavor to it, there's no sense in wasting your money on this one.  I guess you could say that the juice is not worth the squeeze, so to speak.  Even if you are addicted to blueberries and have a craving, this bar is going to do nothing to help that craving because what blueberries you do taste will be very faint at best.  It's too bad too because while this may be a basic bar in design, it could have been a good tasting bar if their elements of its designed had worked well in their execution.

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