Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: Dannon Light & Fit Blueberry Acai Yogurt

I'll be honest, I have no idea what an acai berry is or looks like.  If one came up and punched me in the face, I still wouldn't have any idea what it is.  That said, I do know based on some other foods that I've eaten that acai berries have a very strong tang taste to them, so I was curious to see how this review of another Light & Fit yogurt in the Blueberry Acai variety would turn out.  I picked this up as part of a Super Saver four pack (it was paired with two Raspberry Goji) at Meijer for $1.88.  Each yogurt cup is 6.0 ounces and is 80 calories with five grams of protein and is also zero fat.

At first glance, this Blueberry Acai flavor is different from its Raspberry Goji brethren in once obvious effect, there are fruit bits in this yogurt cup.  Whether they are blueberries or the elusive acai berry, I'm not sure, but I'm going to choose to believe that they are blueberry bits.  When a yogurt is not just a colored yogurt and includes add-ins, no matter how small they may be, I'm always encouraged.  The rest of the yogurt cup is the standard thinner Light & Fit yogurt with a purple/blue hue in order to denote that the proper flavor and visual context.  The smell was also strong of blueberries too, so this was off to a good start.

In terms of taste, the first thing you taste here is blueberry and being that is the first name in the title of the product, that is a good thing.  The blueberry taste is sweet and tangy and couple with the cooling yogurt, it's a nice mix.  I've already declared I'm a fan of Light & Fit's Blueberry yogurt, so the real cliffhanger here is how the acai factored into the equation.  Well, it factored in, but it really wasn't that strong and I'm thankful for that.  In previous acai tastings, I've always felt that it was so tangy that it made my teeth rattle and while that happens with the acai flavor in this yogurt, it's not entirely overwhelming.  It is a slight punch at the very end of each spoonful, but it's not enough to ruin they ordinarily extremely tasty blueberry yogurt.  The blueberry bits in the yogurt also add a nice textural break-up as they make the yogurt have a little bit of a "grainy" taste so that it doesn't feel like you are just drinking a blueberry shake and that is quite nice.

Buy it or Fly By It?  This gets a BUY IT rating solely because of the strength of the blueberry yogurt, which I love.  The acai actually detracts from the blueberry yogurt slightly, but not enough to ruin the overall flavor of the yogurt cup.  That said, if you are given the option of buying basic blueberry or this yogurt cup, choose the basic blueberry every time.


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