Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Breyers Blasts! Golden Oreo Cookies & Cream Frozen Dairy Dessert

Breyers has been on sale a lot at my local stores recently and like a kid in a candy store, I haven't been able to resist buying containers of it every time it goes on sale so that leads me to another Breyers review with this review of the Breyers Blasts! Golden Oreo Cookies & Cream Frozen Dairy Dessert.  I find Oreos to be an overrated (and overused) cookie, but its rare that you see anything out there with Golden Oreos other than the cookie itself, which are awesome by the way, so I was very intrigued to see this in the freezer case.  I picked this one up on sale (of course) at Kroger for $2.50 and it contains twelve half cup servings.  Each serving comes in at 140 calories.

This frozen dairy dessert is made up of chunks of the Golden Oreo cookies (obviously) and also vanilla and sweet cream flavored versions of frozen dairy dessert.  Being that this is supposed to resemble the cookie, the frozen dairy dessert itself was colored yellow and white to simulate the cookie.  The cookies themselves are pretty well broken up and while they are decent sized chunks, I couldn't find any of them that were particularly large, which was disappointing.  That said, there was a pretty fair amount of them spread throughout the container, although for something in the Blasts! product line, I would have expected a little more.

For my first spoonful, I tried to get just the frozen dairy dessert so that I could get a gauge on the taste of that before I let the cookies enter into the equation and I'm glad I did differentiate, because the frozen dairy dessert was the ultimate determining factor of this container in my opinion.  The vanilla frozen dairy dessert was pretty much as you expect with a thin, yet nice, vanilla flavoring.  What made this though was the sweet cream frozen dairy dessert, because it was delicious.  It added a nice, although strong, sweet taste beginning and end taste to the vanilla and it was quite pleasing.  I don't think this would do well on its own, but having the vanilla break up the sweet taste (or having the sweet cream bookend the vanilla taste if you choose to look at it that way) made the actual frozen dairy dessert a winner.  Unfortunately, I can't say that about the Golden Oreos and that's disappointing.  They were fine, I suppose, due to the taste being what I'd expect but they actually ended up being a bit soft in the container and that was a let down.  Had they maintained some crunch like the ordinary Golden Oreo cookie does, this would have been spectacular.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Despite the let down of the softer than expected Golden Oreo cookies, I still have to give this Blasts! container an above average rating, which means BUY IT.  It's not quite the cookie, but not everything is perfect.  Plus, when the sweet cream portion tastes as good as it did in this one, it's worth a purchase for you to devour on your own.

Dubba at On Second Scoop, on the other hand, encountered large Golden Oreo cookie pieces in his review, so he obviously got the container I was hoping for.  It also proves that it exists, so that is definitely a good thing and had I gotten that same container, I would have probably liked this even more.

And for another outside opinion, it looks like the Ice Cream Informant was not a fan.  I guess that means that you have to pick one up and judge for yourself!


  1. our definition of "big" might be different :)

  2. When baskin Robbins had this flavor, it was so good!


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