Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Zone Perfect Dark Double Dark Chocolate Nutrition Bar

I've done a lot of Zone Perfect bar reviews on the blog, including a review of their "Dark" line of bars that include dark chocolate (clever naming there).  So, this review leads me to another review in the Dark product line with this Double Dark Chocolate Nutrition Bar.  As usual, these bars are all natural and I picked this one up at Marsh on sale for $1.25 and it weighs in at 1.58 ounces.  In terms of the science stuff, it has 190 calories and is packed with 12 grams of protein.

As you would expect from a bar named "Double Dark Chocolate", this has dark chocolate in two different areas.  The first is the outer surface of the bar as the dark chocolate covers everything in a fairly thick way.  The second dark chocolate aspect of the bar is in the rice crisp mix.  Typically, these rice crisps are airy and yellowish in color and are fairly basic.  In this case, they've mixed dark chocolate cocoa into the mix and have turned the mix dark in order to carry the them of the bar.  Outside of the double helping of dark chocolate, there's not much else going on in here.  There are still specks of the original rice crisp in the interior, but not many.  Smelling this, it had that dark chocolate smell in that it was strong but not sweet smelling.

Biting into this, I can't say I was incredibly suprised by anything.  It tasted like....dark chocolate!  I know that must be shocking to everyone.  The rice crisp was crunchy, but not overly dense and when mixed with the chocolate flavoring, it was a nice change of pace from a typical Zone Perfect bar.  The one thing that was different about this though was that the dark chocolate exterior was extremely thick and heavy in your mouth.  It was almost as if it was gummy in that it stuck to my teeth and gums.  Strange, but not off putting.  As you would expect though, this bar is all dark chocolate, all the time and there's not any other flavors that you can noticeably taste.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This bar is for people that need a "healthy" chocolate fix and since I'm often in need of one of those, I say BUY IT.  Plus, science says that dark chocolate supposedly stimulates brain activity (and vision), so I already feel smarter after eating this, although that's not exactly saying much.  So, all in all, if you like chocolate and/or dark chocolate, you are going to like this bar.  If not, stay away.  It's not the bee's knees, but it's not bad either.


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